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Deaths in 2011-From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; Jimmy Carter, Keith Richards, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Dr. Phil, Eddie Van Halen, Richard Simmons, Rob Halford, Elisha Cuthbert, ....

/ JUN 26, 2011 9:29 PM EST

Everyone would befniet from reading this post

/ MAY 13, 2012 2:29 AM EST
lol... this is true... im a girl and i love hockey plearys.. more hockey goalies!! idk but you should do one about goalies!!! but i like hockey plearys because i just like THEM! its not because they are good at sex! lol its because they play hockey and i love hockey!.....

/ MAY 13, 2012 11:06 PM EST
I was a bit disappointed in the first few edeposis of Glee season 3, it felt rushed, especially Blaine’s decision to leave the Warblers…and a few other things as well, but I have to say that the last episode was brilliant, I was clued to the screen! It was perfect! I hope it only gets better from here. CAS – South-Africaoh and .yes, I would love to know why Hawaii 5 wasnt nominated?????

/ MAY 13, 2012 11:04 PM EST
que hace kate beckinsale(pearl harobr) la 9ba si tenia que estar la 1ba joerDe esta lista las unicas guapas son elisa cuthbert charlize theron y jessica alba y bueno connelly no es fea tampoco.Ahi yo af1adiria a otras como Kristin Kreuk o Josie Maran que les dan mil vueltas a alguna que sale en la lista

/ MAY 12, 2012 10:58 AM EST
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/ MAY 11, 2012 5:09 PM EST
George Bush.

Bill and Hilary Clinton

/ JUN 26, 2011 10:08 PM EST
DeathDealer (for dealing death to himself), Good music, Justin Bieber (got death penalty for killing music) Rebecca Black, Z, God (for people becoming Atheist), Izzy, and many others...

/ JUN 26, 2011 9:45 PM EST
Fletcher Nelson, Bill "Crabs" Williams, Ronin Davies, Calibri Nelson....

/ JUN 26, 2011 9:43 PM EST
...John Harris, John Gardner, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, I could go on and on...

/ JUN 26, 2011 9:36 PM EST
Rodney Allen Rippey, Wavy Gravy, Bill "Flounder" Williams...

/ JUN 26, 2011 9:35 PM EST
Barack Obama, Osama bin Laden, the year 2010, the 90s freak (due to bad music), Soh, the pedal pumper (due to a freak pedal accident) and many more...

/ JUN 26, 2011 9:33 PM EST