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Pupper, mamma loves you so sooo much. 😩 You are mama’s sweet, sweet lil’est darling.. mama’s sweet lil boy. He acts like a child, did I tell you guys?? 🥰 I read somewhere that dog’s have the mentality of a three year old.. gracious, I loaf!! 🤸🏻‍♀️

UNITED STATES / NOV 27, 2019 11:24 PM EST

Surrrrrreeennddeeeer, you moo!! I shall lay claim over yer black soul, you boinkeeeer!! Arg!! You bloody ox!! Take that, you weener!! Blow to the tush, you fall into a pile of mush!! Get up, you zoinker!! There’s plenty more where that came from!!

UNITED STATES / NOV 28, 2019 8:39 AM EST
OoooooK.. lol.

UNITED STATES / NOV 27, 2019 11:57 PM EST
UNITED STATES/Nov 27, 2019 07:45 PM Posted by ........ Soh Fake it till you make it!!

UNITED STATES / NOV 27, 2019 11:32 PM EST
It’s The 42-year-old piggy named Chrissy who acts more like a three year old!

CANADA / NOV 27, 2019 11:32 PM EST
You are out of your f*cking mind if you believe that.

UNITED STATES / NOV 27, 2019 11:30 PM EST