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What could possibly go wrong?

UNITED STATES / AUG 11, 2017 11:41 PM EST

1:51 ?

UNITED STATES / AUG 13, 2017 10:32 AM EST
3:02, lets all be a little more respectful and just relax ok? 1:51 pointed out that we are bickering and I'm trying to stop that. You are not respecting 1:51's wishes. Please just stop now. We should be friends and accept that Trump is awesome. Realize that socialism doesn't work. If we could just band together and stop fighting, we could all become friends and be happy. Please sir let us just be friends not enemies. Please?

UNITED STATES / AUG 12, 2017 3:30 PM EST
It's obvious you enjoy getting fuсked by your orange god. He probably makes you supply your own lube.

UNITED STATES / AUG 12, 2017 3:02 PM EST
1:31 is right. We're acting like children. Lets just forgive and forget about Obama and Trump and move forward. This is about respect for one another. We have a chance to make America great again and we're all bickering about the man and other presidents. Lets just all drop it and come to the conclusion that Obama was a poor excuse of a president. I'm sorry for defending our new and improved president and wanting America great again. Will you all forgive me?

UNITED STATES / AUG 12, 2017 2:02 PM EST
You two sound like two kids on the playground arguing about about who's dad can beat up who.

UNITED STATES / AUG 12, 2017 1:31 PM EST
You probably don't remember much about 2009 either.

UNITED STATES / AUG 12, 2017 1:01 PM EST
All you say is "Obama fixed a lot of things" hahaha! You totally should get an A+ on your research paper. You changed my point of view on Obama! I didn't know he "fixed a lot of things" I can't wait to check your sources under the references section. Hmm... MSNBC and NYTimes references. Yeah! The best sources for everything liberal 😂

UNITED STATES / AUG 12, 2017 12:50 PM EST
When Obama was inaugurated in January 20, 2009, the country was in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Obama fixed a lot of things. Get the facts and stop believing everything Trunk says.

UNITED STATES / AUG 12, 2017 11:11 AM EST
What could go wrong? America could if we still had Obama in office. Now that Trunks here, he'll fix things up. Unluckily, he has to deal with the media and their hate for him along with the babies who hate him just cause he won cause he's not a real fake sneaky politician. He's a normal human who wants America to be back the way it was before 2009 when Obummer got in. You know. When the economy didn't have 5 dollar gas prices that Obama started.

UNITED STATES / AUG 11, 2017 2:04 AM EST
A lot, the way donalds going.

UNITED STATES / AUG 11, 2017 1:39 AM EST

UNITED STATES / AUG 11, 2017 1:25 AM EST