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This is impossible to measure in a country which has long been plagued by corruption at every level of officialdom, and where the criminal justice system barely functions.
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Four of SSE's five major rivals have now announced price cuts, all coming into effect much sooner than SSE's
Kyiv and the separatists blame each other for the deaths.
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And he won’t go after the oligarchs either, because there aren’t the mechanisms for that in Greece and I don’t think there ever will be
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Part of the goal of the XPrize is to expand the industry of space exploration to other countries across the globe
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The two men sat together in a booth under dreary skies.
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This is one woman who somehow manages to remain completely herself and look chic despite her changing shape.
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The videogame developer has been making a push to a "freemium" model, where gamesare free to download and revenue is generated through in-game purchases
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Reaction from financial markets to Syriza's victory waslargely muted, with the euro recovering from a tumble to an11-year low against the dollar on initial results
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As I wade through the grass to obtain a vantage point on a Griffin I must take down, my mind barely notices the landscape that surrounds me