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Alcatel will also benefit from its strong portfolio of IP routers and optical products, analysts said, which operators need to strengthen networks' ability to carry heavy data traffic

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Chemical company DuPont is expected to report a higher fourth-quarter profit on expectationsthat it benefited from a rise in operating margins in most of its businesses

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"There are indications that the economy is poised for renewed growth, but many challenges remain."

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The attack killed three suspected militants in eastern Marib province, according to reports from the region

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have the opportunity to participate in an essay competition to honor Saudi Arabia's controversial King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz, who died last Friday at the age of 90.

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Blizzard conditions produced damaging winds in much of the region, including gusts up to 80 mph in parts of Massachusetts

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More than 20 inches fell in the New York City region, with up to 40 inches in the central part of the state and lesser but still substantial amounts throughout New England

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In the short-term, all we can do is to keep an eye on dropout rates (which look very high at some alternative providers).

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And there are movies people talk about for two years or more