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The researchers noted that as many of these were still of working age, this could have a major impact on their personal, working and social lives.

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“Big Al” grew up in Weehawken, N.J., and spent many years working inside the Lincoln Tunnel, where he was an electrical supervisor for the Port Authority

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Total league revenues have grown about 65% under Goodell and franchise values are at an all-time high

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There are safeguards in the UK that do not exist in the US

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The number one issue that drives people up the wall on Twitter seems to be Islam

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Landon's personal wealth is high compared to other Fedgovernors and well above the previous person on the Fed whorepresented the community banking industry

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Moorman said cheap oil should boost consumer spending, butthe impact on crude oil shipments by rail was unclear

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Following the outcome of Sunday's vote, the euro hit itslowest against the U.S


(Reporting by Dmitry Zhdannikov; editing by John Stonestreet)

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John’s dominated, then Duke put it away

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Love experienced the dizziness when attempting a free throw during the first quarter, but was able to stay in the game

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The truth is we weren't really consulted."

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While no details have been announced about re-scheduling the game, its believed the schools will attempt to play later this week after the region has begun recovering from the storm.

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They decided to look into this further

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Placenta acreta found, whereby the placenta attaches to the uterine wall; patient transferred to high dependency unit; blood loss of 1,200 mls

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Former actress and human rights campaigner, Bianca Jagger, has joined the anti-fracking rally at Westminster

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The cost of a Yahoo straddle, in which an investor buys anat-the-money put option and a similar call option, suggests amove of about 8.1 percent in the stock in either direction byFriday

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This was taken one morning after a bad storm in Dundas, Ontario

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"I cannot express strongly enough how important it is for everyone, on receipt of their invitation letter, to ring for their appointment

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31, were in line with analyst estimates of 71 cents a share, compared with 78 cents last year

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However, many people are unaware that its use is still allowed in certain parts of the country.

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Many do not trust their healthcare providers or do not feel respected by them.

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“When we went to Vietnam, before we went, we knew that they were very ill and we knew it was liver-related,” said Michael Wagner

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Krzyzewski has access through his U.S

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Thebooks were covered in 20 minutes, the two sources said.

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With the spasm, her throat seized up and deprived her brain of oxygen

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“It’d obviously be a great thing to win

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Elsewhere, white sanitized flower women or photo-printed plastic shifts mirrored the house's famed New Look silhouette.

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Norcross,Georgia-based Rock-Tenn's shipments of corrugated boxes roseabout 11 percent in the quarter ended Dec

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"To put it mildly, we are not just disappointed by the acts and omissions leading to the death of Joan Rivers, but we are outraged by the lack of care and concern for Ms

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An SEC administrative judge will hear arguments Feb

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Comedy Central has sent comedians to ask questions at Media and pre-teen "reporters" have been dispatched by TV channels like Nickelodeon and Disney

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About 2,000 officers were being held overnight from their normal tours of duty, the spokesman noted.

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He was working for SVR, the Russian spy agency, gathering information on potential U.S

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("The Kid Stays in the Picture")

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Watt was only credited with one tackle, but he had an interception (of course he did) and was credited with three passes defensed on top of that

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They found that the risk of developing cardiovascular disease was lower among people who did yoga when compared to people who did not exercise.

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"This is a huge u-turn," said Labour energy spokeswomanCaroline Flint

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The betting must now be on a recommended deal being put to the two major Aer Lingus investors (Ryanair and the Irish government) at some point this week.