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The recapture raises the question of what Islamic State will do next
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“He’s a great coach
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He is 23 years old, and there is no limit to his potential
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You can't have a violent game like the NFL be played in a setting in which nobody really wants to hit each other
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So if you want to preach free market, make sure you deal with monopolies and oligopolies and the need to for open information and fair practices
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But Golden Dawn is seen as the extreme end of the spectrum.
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From Stephenson's Rocket to British Rail Class 92 and beyond, explore the facts, information and anecdotes behind the steam, diesel and electric locomotives that built the age of the train.
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Nobody can force me to do anything."
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Health department officials said changes in agricultural patterns may be affecting the rise in encephalitis cases
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Richard Ottoway, right, Jack Straw, centre, and Sir Menzies Campbell, who said the big changes he had seen was the pace of the news cycle and the lack of time to "sit, read and to think"
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Last year, two countries - Azerbaijan and Sri Lanka - reported no indigenous cases of the disease for the first time
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On top of this, Apple is also creating shareholder value by aggressively buying back its own shares
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The company's overall earnings have declined, but the drop in Barbie sales has been the most discussed among analysts
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However researchers at NUI Galway are using adult stem cells to fight against this type of rejection
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He'd been created to fight actual bad guys in the Second World War," he says.
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“I’ll take it,” Tavares said
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That's not a ridiculous assumption
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One of the four was executed this month and showed no signs of physical distress
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Cohen then proceeded with the routine endoscopy — at which point Rivers’ blood pressure, heart rate, pulse level and oxygen level all dropped
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As much as 24 inches (60 cm) of snow from the "crippling andpotentially historic blizzard" was expected to blanket manyareas along the East Coast, the weather service said
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"We think there will be more troublewhen the intentions of Mr Kabila and his possible successorsbecome clearer."
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allyin its fight against Islamist militancy in the Sahel.
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The shooting eventually led to riots by the city's young and poor.