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A human child is born into a welcoming environment A human child is, typically, born into a welcoming environment, and knows the embrace of parents and a wider family of relatives. Moreover, the baby is immediately provided with the most perfect nourishment, exactly adapted to its needs in the form of the mother’s milk. The world, as the child grows, will be experienced as an environment fully ordered—with sight and sounds, with heat and light and rainfall, with an infinite diversity of plants, fruits and animals—to enable, exercise and enlarge all the faculties of sense and feeling and intellect that the Creator has created in the child. Likewise, the body in which the child’s life is held functions without his conscious effort or decision—brain, heart, lungs, stomach, senses, limbs, and so on. All this, minutely arranged and coordinated, is the gift of the Creator, the apparatus that He gives when He gives life to a human being, to support and mature that life. Very little of what man has is his own doing—if he was left to manage only his own body, unaided by the Creator, he could not do it and so could not survive.
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