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Creditors challenged transfers in court

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"Verizon will reach out to rural carriers and will doadditional analyses to confirm proper delivery of calls to ruraldestinations," he said

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Find yours today and relive history.

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Syriza had pledged to end austerity and to renegotiate termsof Greece's 240 billion euro bailout

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But it is still important to use antibiotics very carefully, considering the threat of antibiotic resistance

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I feel the load just as much as any of these guys," Dixon said

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If Tsipras shows goodwill in other areas, the Europeans could make a one-off grant this year to deal with extreme poverty


(Addiitonal reporting by Alexander Winning and Sujata Rao inLondon, Writing by Thomas Grove; Editing by Timothy Heritage andAlison Williams)

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It is also important to make sure the patient is taking their medication correctly.

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Johansen broke out last season with 33 goals and 63 points as the Blue Jackets made the playoffs for only the second time in their history

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“Design Squad,” winner of Emmy and Peabody awards,began as a television series in 2007

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“Buon Appetito” features recipes on the soldiers’ current menu and some dishes inspired by the tastes of popes past and present.

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There’s nothing that surprises me with him

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“No child should die — anywhere in the world — from a vaccine preventable disease

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"We all looked around as desperate kids and thought, 'God I have to go back to Plano?' or maybe go back to school, or get a job, or work at a bike shop, or work at a factory

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Yet of those, 80million have no money in them, underscoring the huge challengehe faces in delivering on his promise.

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If he keeps this up, not one men's player will be able to keep him from Australian Open title No