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The report explains how cannabinoids have helped to alleviate symptoms in a variety of medical conditions for adults

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dollar since September 2003 at $1.1098in Asian trading, according to the EBS trading platform

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It may take time, Labrador said, but "it's our job to convince the American people that our solution is better than the president's solution."

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The most common reason put forward for the problems has been the rise in attendances

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She was going to be famous.”

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Canadian National Railway reports fourth-quarter results after markets close

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The Lakers are mired near the bottom of the standings, so there's no reasonto rush Bryant back to action.

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He was flanked by former French counterpart, Hubert Vedrine, alongside Iranian, European and a handful of American-based entrepreneurs, academics and executives.

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The government seized the records pursuant to search warrants signed in March 2012 by U.S

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BlackBerry investors got excited earlier this month when Reuters, citing an unnamed source, reported that Samsung was in talks to buy the Canadian smartphone maker

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For example, default portion sizes need to be reduced and marketing practices need to change.

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As a piece of hardware, it’s very simple

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I cannot understand why this administration is willing to negotiate with Iran, but not Alaska," Murkowski said in a statement on Sunday.

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Generators, snow blowers, shovels and firewood were sold outby early Monday at a Home Depot in Vauxhall, New Jersey

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"Because of constant shelling in the past few days, there are dead and injured among local residents

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He has coached at eight Cups of Nations and has now reached the quarter-finals on seven occasions, winning the trophy once.

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Many would find it hard to believe, but he says that great things have come of it.

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"We decided to show our unity, and Mario has been more forthcoming since then," a person familiar with the discussion said

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If you’re in it for the halftime show or even just for the memorable commercials, Best Buy has a blowout TV sale with a variety of models that can suit your needs.

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Last week, the government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi collapsed after it was confronted by the Iranian-allied armed Houthis


However, there are a number of very serious health concerns that we need to better understand in this population

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The team caught a break that the plane they booked for the Tuesday flight was already at JFK airport on Sunday.

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"We are full of optimism going into the new season

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Large food producers such as Brazil will be able to buy morefuel for tractors and combines or use funds saved on fuel fornew investments

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However, rising fuel andtransportation costs have yet to be priced in.

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Gulf Coast and deluged the city of New Orleans after levees broke.

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Critics have expressed concerns aboutchemical leaks into groundwater resources and the disposal ofwaste water produced in the process.

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The Vatican didn't mention last year's flap when it said in a statement Sunday that children would release balloons, including a hot-air balloon containing messages of peace

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The study found that a person's risk of suffering an unintentional fatal injury increased the more symptoms of insomnia they had

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Many satellites that monitor the Earth orbit relatively close to the planet, while some satellites that monitor the sun orbit our star

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They could buy more with the money when they first had it, than after they saved it

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The SNP in Holyrood have always had control over the planning and permitting regime, giving them an effective veto over any developments

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And two weeks after being thought of as dysfunctional and in disarray, the Cavaliers have won six straight games and are climbing in the standings.