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My dick is too big for my girlfriends pussy she hates long strokes what should i do?!!!

/ JUL 12, 2016 8:45 PM EST

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I would like another child, but by girlfriend doesn't want anymore kids. If I drug my 10 year old daughter and get her pregnant, will she assume it's her boyfriend's child?


» 3 answers

Someone fingered out my crush and she told her. I'm really worried about our relationship now because she won't say anything to me anymore! I'm 36 years old and my girlfriend is only 5 years old, so she expects me to always know what to do and I really need some advise. I'm also keen to resolve the situation quickly because she's refusing to have sex with me at the moment. Thanks in advance.


» 3 answers

My girlfriend doesn't have a job and she makes a mess of even the simplest household chores. The lazy little bitch just wants to sit round in her šhit and watch cartoons all fućking day. Our relationship reached a new low over the weekend when she started cry when we were making love and then the dirty little bitch pissed the bed. She is almost 7 years old now, how can I train her to act more maturely?


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I feel like my girlfriend doesent care my friends use me and to my parents im a disapointment. I have always been loyal and kind to my gf, always been there for my friends and tried to do my best for my parents. What am i doing wrong in life?

/ JUL 2, 2016 10:33 AM EST

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I've been having a casual affair with my girlfriend's younger sister. Her sister is very young and not really looking for commitment and the arrangement suited us both just fine. This changed two days ago when my girlfriend walked in on us. My girlfriend was screamed that I was an "unfaithful bastard", she's only 8 years old, where the hell did the little bitch learn that sort of language?

UNITED STATES / JUL 1, 2016 12:01 PM EST

» 9 answers

I was once in a restaurant and the waiter kept shining a laser pointer at me. The waiter didn't give one fukc either. When I saw who it was and pointed at him he just laughed and gave me the finger. Later he brought my food and it was obvious he had made a toilet dump. It was a big turd. He laughed and said my girlfriend is a whore. I did not leave a tip.

UNITED STATES / JUN 30, 2016 12:53 PM EST

» 3 answers

Me and my girlfriend both really like children. We've decided that if we have a daughter, we're going to groom her to have sex with us from an early age. We have a plan for how to do it. Both my gf and I are pretty much nudists, so we'll be walking around naked a lot. When our daughter is three or four, we'll make sure that she catches us having sex. Is this normal?

UNITED STATES / JUN 23, 2016 1:04 PM EST

» 7 answers

so theres this guy that would say i was his girlfriend & stuff but now he lags alot but when we do talk he tells me cute stuff. So i dont know if he likes me.

UNITED STATES / JUN 23, 2016 3:09 AM EST

» 2 answers

Say you get in a fight with your significant other and you are talking to your girlfriends about it. Do you want your girlfriends to tell you what you want to hear, or what they really think?

UNITED STATES / JUN 22, 2016 8:29 AM EST

» 6 answers

My ex has been stalking me for 2 years (that I know of). Him and his entire family, keeps tabs on where I go & what I do. Everyone knows me as his girlfriend; but the problem is - he's too afraid to speak to me. What should I do? I've tried reaching out, he panics when he sees me.

UNITED STATES / JUN 19, 2016 2:46 AM EST

» 2 answers

I've been talking with a girl from another country. We're pretty much in love with eachother but we've never met. She's a virgin and so am I. However I told her I had girlfriends. And she said that she feels a bit intimidated that I've had sex and she hasn't. she says it's weird that I would be the only guy she will have sex with in her life, while i've had sex with others. I want to be honest and tell her, but I'm afraid that she'll be really mad or heartbroken because I lied.

UNITED STATES / JUN 19, 2016 7:01 PM EST

» 1 answer

I fell in love with a boy, he broke my heart and left me. We are now two years down the line. He recently broke up with his girlfriend (he started dating her a year ago). They broke up 2 months ago and now he's interested in hanging out with me again, we have slept together. Is he just using me? He had no interest in me the entire 2 years we were apart. I've always loved him and haven't been able to move on whereas he did/has.

UNITED STATES / JUN 19, 2016 6:34 PM EST

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My girlfriend said none of the guys she's been with have ever come from head. Holy šhitballs, bitch. Perhaps it's because you sućk at sucking coćk?!? Now she's eight years old she should be able to use Google and just look this stuff up. This one ain't too bright.

UNITED STATES / JUN 18, 2016 1:45 PM EST

» 4 answers

My girlfriend cancelled our holiday to go and work in Croatia for 4 weeks.. What should I do?

UNITED STATES / JUN 14, 2016 2:26 PM EST

» 3 answers

I really want a negro girlfriend. Where should I start looking?

UNITED STATES / JUN 13, 2016 10:00 PM EST

» 6 answers

So there is this guy that before he wouldn't care to know things about me and when we texted was short answers. And now recently he started to ask me love questions of my past relationships and if anyone flirts with me at work. I also seem him a lot more at work I can't tell if he does it on purpose . He also seems to get all giggly and happy when I am around him. Can't tell if that's just him being friendly or having feelings for me, because he also has a girlfriend but they seem not stable.

UNITED STATES / JUN 11, 2016 3:49 PM EST

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My girlfriend is a lot younger than me. Sometimes she calls me Daddy and I always found it cute. However, last night we went out for drinks and she told me that her father was sexually abusing her. I always found her father a bit weird and I was never comfortable in his company, but I just accepted him because I'm 36 and most men won't let me date their 8 year old daughters. What the hell should I do?

UNITED STATES / JUN 10, 2016 10:18 AM EST

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Is it weird that I remember the "girlfriend" I had in 1st grade? She moved away in 2nd grade and just recently moved back after like 13 years lmao I'm tryna make a move but I ain't tryna be weird about it idk if she'll remember me

UNITED STATES / JUN 5, 2016 11:20 PM EST

» 2 answers

Ok, I'm a bisexual boy, and because I took someone's advice, I got rid of a jealous ex girlfriend. She kept on flirting with a boy I liked, and it irked me. Anyways, this boy, Nick, has been REALLY nice to me ever since we met( he bought me things, he's been very affectionate with me, when I'm hurt, he asks me if I'm ok, unlike most guys, and he is a true friend.). I truly think I love him, but how do I tell him?


» 6 answers

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