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Since my hair stylist pointed out that one side of my face is bigger than the other side, I cannot unsee it, feeling so ugly now. Did not see until then. Truthfully: anyone else whos face has one bigger side and still feeling pretty/ beautiful?

UNITED STATES / JUN 25, 2017 2:08 PM EST

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I hate my body. Every time I look in the mirror I see a fat, ugly bitch who should get plastic surgery. I'm a sophmore in High School, so the way I see myself has also affected potential romantic relationships because I'm too insecure about myself. What do I do?

UNITED STATES / JUN 17, 2017 11:10 PM EST

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Hey guys! Well i have been in a relationship with this guy for about 4 months.I found out a couple months ago my boyfriend had sex with this girl.I didn't know him yet, but for some reason I feel super uncomfortable.I cant get over it.I need really good advice on what I can do to forget about it and stop feeling super insecure.. i think about the past too much and I feel like I'm not enough or too ugly.Please, no rude answers.

UNITED STATES / JUN 17, 2017 3:41 AM EST

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How do I Make friends? I'm weird and ugly please send help

UNITED STATES / JUN 11, 2017 12:50 PM EST

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How to deal with an ugly haircut

UNITED STATES / MAY 27, 2017 10:19 AM EST

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My boyfriend paid for a body shot at coyote ugly and said he did it for me. To me it was her dancing all over him I just laid there . Opinions please was it really for him ?

UNITED STATES / MAY 22, 2017 10:51 PM EST

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I like big girls...the bigger the better....but I don't like them if they are ugly slobs. Where can I find some hot ones?

UNITED STATES / MAY 19, 2017 1:45 PM EST

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My White father was one of these ugly unattractive people who couldn’t find anyone to love him so he brought my Asian mother here.

UNITED STATES / MAY 18, 2017 6:08 PM EST

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UNITED STATES / MAY 10, 2017 9:44 PM EST

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I am looking for someone who is stupid and ugly while being self absorbed. I have had no luck. Does anyone here know where I can find such a person?

UNITED STATES / APR 27, 2017 3:50 PM EST

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I don't think I am ugly but guys never approach me or ask me out, not even confident guys.

UNITED STATES / APR 19, 2017 12:52 PM EST

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A guy just cold approached and hit on a girl right in front of me. I now think I must be ugly because no guys ever do this to me. :/

UNITED STATES / MAR 17, 2017 8:34 AM EST

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So I've this friend that i got into a ugly fight back that time. She asked me to be her friend on Facebook today and i added her back. Should i send her a request on snapchat?

UNITED STATES / MAR 4, 2017 12:46 PM EST

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Why do nigers marry fat ugly women?

UNITED STATES / FEB 26, 2017 2:49 PM EST

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Why do women marry fat ugly men?

UNITED STATES / FEB 26, 2017 11:22 AM EST

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Why do so many guys marry fat ugly women?

UNITED STATES / FEB 26, 2017 10:49 AM EST

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**** trolls. You guys are fugly cunts, and don't deserve to answer people's questions, especially if they truly need help.

/ DEC 13, 2016 5:26 PM EST

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/ DEC 12, 2016 9:09 PM EST

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im a guy.I think I am very good looking when I see myself in mirros. but when I see myself in pics I think im damn ugly. but there have been few girls (okay looking girls) who seem to be looking at me and two have proposed to me. So I am unable to judge the truth. Please help


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To all mean, rude, obnoxious people here, what are we doing to make you so angry? To say fu*k off, to call us ugly, or to say mean, unnecessary things to what we are saying? Think about what we feel when we see that on our questions. We ask things for help. How would you feel if you needed help, were scared or etc? When you see a comment saying you are ugly, think about what that does to a person's self esteem. Next time, please consider people's feelings. Thank you.

/ DEC 7, 2016 7:42 PM EST

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