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Guns are irrational? I thought rational was as human concept therefore can only be ascribed to humans. But the OP brrings up a good point...It's Liberals who are irrational. They contradict themselves almost constantly.

UNITED STATES / FEB 22, 2018 4:45 PM EST

in response to: Liberals: "decriminalize drugs! war on drugs is destroying the country!" also liberals:"ban guns! they are bad!"😂😂😂😂😂

UNITED STATES / FEB 20, 2018 9:50 PM EST

in response to: Describe your physical contact/touch/interaction with people on a daily basis
How many times a day do you obsessively post your nonsense about Trump? Get out of your bedroom mellenial. 30 years old is waaay too old to be living under your parents roof.

UNITED STATES / FEB 20, 2018 5:25 PM EST

in response to: I’m going to have to repeat this question as the answers to it were not satisfactory: How many times a day does a little twink like you fantasize about Trump fuсking you in the ass?
Hang a chicken leg over your bed.

UNITED STATES / FEB 20, 2018 12:59 PM EST

in response to: My amazingly fat girlfriend will not sit on my face. She says she is too heavy and is afraid she will hurt me. I say that I live for this kind of stuff and will take the risk. What can I do to get her to put her big fat pussy over my face?
Someone’s been suсking Orange Shìtler’s tiny dick a little TOO hard. How did it feel getting grabbed by the pussy by Trump’s tiny raccoon hands?

UNITED STATES / FEB 19, 2018 9:51 PM EST

in response to: Justcurio News Network: A group of political scientists have ranked Donald Trump DEAD LAST in their Presidential Greatness Survey. Tangerine Mean earned his rightful 45th place while Lincoln was placed at 1st. Do you inbred, slack-jawed, pieces of Windows-using white trash still think Orange Hitler is the best?
Wait!! Am not going to bed yet..

UNITED STATES / FEB 19, 2018 7:15 PM EST

in response to: I needs shower!! Then I’ll scooth in bed .. wyd? ☺️
STFU liberal or risk getting your squiggly, squishy, namby pamby ass beaten to a pulp. Little homo mellenial needs a right good kicking before bedtime.

UNITED STATES / FEB 19, 2018 2:53 PM EST

in response to: Oh no...trouble in obese paradise...😊 The wedding of my little bro and his fat enormous fiance just might be in jeopardy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying a prayer.
Let's go to bed.

UNITED STATES / FEB 17, 2018 5:06 PM EST

in response to: Anyway.. finkin I need a nap. 😌
The electronic device in your possession, which is used for storing and processing data, lost its ability to be moved from its position in the previously mentioned suspended bed as you also did?

UNITED STATES / FEB 16, 2018 11:22 AM EST

in response to: How can I get out of my hammock. I fell in my brand new hammock, it flipped and totally encased me. I've been stuck in my hammock all night and really help to get out.
Did my shopping this morning for groceries and incidentals. Had my shower and shampoo early this evening so that my hair will be dry before bed time. Have friends coming and they are bringing steaks to grill along with some salads and all the fixings. Just a day late for Valentines Day but we were all busy yesterday. I don't usually eat this late but won't be working tomorrow so time doesn't matter. I feel guilty because of all the things my friends do for me.

UNITED STATES / FEB 15, 2018 9:00 PM EST

in response to: A night in.. ☺️ A nice shower and shampoo.. I’ll order from Thai Terminal, for once.. Thinking spring rolls, a small salad w peanut dressing, annnd drunken noodles, beef not chicken! I’ll tell them less spicy, cause they’ve got a heavy hand w that damn heat. Then I’ll open my little package, look thru the ads and figure out what going to be happening next week.. wyd?? A night in. ☺️
Most of what you described are uninformed liberals not Trump supporters. The whole fast-food industry, liberals are the employees here. Trailer trash? Liberals voted for Obama, didn't get their change they were promised so that they don't have to work, thus being left having to find a job most likely in a fast-food industry. Poor people in general can't see the inside of a university so that statement was just ridiculous. As for Apple users, most likely has no correlation to politics.

UNITED STATES / FEB 15, 2018 1:19 PM EST

in response to: Trump supporters are not only stupid, but their lowly fast-food jobs don’t make them enough money for them to buy  computers and phones. (If you can’t see the  then you are probably a poor trailer trash Trump voter who probably has never seen the inside of a university hall)
You could try leaving your pc, bedroom, mom's hand. That would be a start.

UNITED STATES / FEB 11, 2018 9:31 AM EST

in response to: Ok so there's this guy I like but he likes my best friend and he told her but she pushed him away and never talked to him again but I like him what should I do??
Not quite as big a dumbass as a moronic little toad who spends hours here obsessing over his hate for Trump. Get a job mellenial and move out of your childhood bedroom, you God damn waste of DNA.

UNITED STATES / FEB 10, 2018 4:38 AM EST

in response to: How much of a dumbass do you have to be to think President Pussygrabber is of any worth as a president?
never mind.. I’ll just have a shower and go to bed.

UNITED STATES / FEB 6, 2018 10:04 PM EST

in response to: I need to talk to you..
I go to bed to sleep.


in response to: quora.com/unanswered/Where-do-we-go-when-we-go-to-sleep
Get out of bed, head to the toilet and get ready for breakfast and the day ahead

UNITED STATES / JAN 29, 2018 6:35 PM EST

in response to: What is the first thing you do in the morning?
No, Thank you. I'm going to bed.

UNITED STATES / JAN 23, 2018 1:24 AM EST

in response to: Im getting a burger. Do you want one.
No, it will keep the monster under the bed awake.

UNITED STATES / JAN 22, 2018 10:19 PM EST

in response to: Should I sleep w the light on tonight?
Like fućkin a water bed!

UNITED STATES / JAN 22, 2018 5:19 PM EST

in response to: I love fat girls and my current GF is huge, but everyone I know thinks my taste in girls is gross. Am I strange or somehow deviant for my preference in wonen?
I think you should look online or turn to friends on how to improve your sleep patterns such as turning off electronics or having a warm drink before bedtime.

UNITED STATES / JAN 22, 2018 5:49 AM EST

in response to: I had a nightmare and woke up too early. It’s 3:30am. I almost never sleep until my alarm goes off. I almost always wake up too early and then I can’t get back to sleep.
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