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For those who are disbelieving in Trump you're own president, if you don't like the way he runs things, there are plenty of other countries for you to go to. There are a total of 195 countries. If you don't like the way he runs this country, you can pack up and leave. The proxy guy on here seems to really love Canada. So then move to Canada. Trump's approval ratings go up and yet the only people who still hate him have no answers to their hate. Brainwashed by their own TVs. Trump for 2020!

UNITED STATES / APR 18, 2018 2:03 PM EST

in response to: Donald Trump, * conspiracy to defraud the United States * obstruction of justice * campaign finance violations * emoluments violations * money laundering * bribery * treason, Did I miss anything?
Give him a brain.

UNITED STATES / APR 16, 2018 12:15 PM EST

in response to: How do I get my boyfriend to stop being a nazi?
It’s cause Asian women nowadays are brainwashed by Americans “so-called” what a handsome man looks like, dress like and does that is totally different from us traditionally Asian men that they’re left astray and go after handsome guys. Asian women are pretty because we ugly Asian men don’t take them for granted and spoil them to the max because we know we’ll never have another chance with a better women. Unlike American cheaters.

UNITED STATES / APR 15, 2018 3:56 AM EST

in response to: Why are Asian women so hot but Asian men so ugly... So many hot Asian chicks, but you can't commit to any serious relationship with any of them because of fear of having a half-Asian son. This makes them just a pump and dump material, but it's too bad..
President Pee Brain!!😂😂😂

CANADA / APR 13, 2018 10:30 AM EST

in response to: Grab him by his orange сock
The only people who dislike Trump are uninformed liberals who know nothing about what's going on. You mention Trump cause Trump is mentioned nonstop on your liberally bias stations and articles you selectively use. Do any of you liberals have any idea about Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook scandal with his Cambridge analytica scandal? No you don't cause your stations only report their opinions on Trump cause they're focused on him. Meanwhile, you're all brainwashed.

UNITED STATES / APR 12, 2018 7:07 PM EST

in response to: Donald Trump needs to resign.
Apparently for white women being morbidly obese and low enough to sleep with black guys shows off how socially conscientious and tolerant you are. Its also helps if you have a BLM button on your 5x sized hoodie. At least that's how brain dead libs would interpret it.

UNITED STATES / APR 10, 2018 5:36 PM EST

in response to: My next door neighbor is a big fat white chick mid 20s easily over 400lbs uneducated and rude as f#ck..She has 3 little half breed monkeys from at least 2 different bucks. Now this kind of situation is very common in parts of the country but isn't it also a societal disaster? Does this dark meat loving cow actually think something good is going to come of her disregard for self-respect?
Kerp dreaming.....all that laundry detergent you've swallowed has bleached your brain.

UNITED STATES / APR 10, 2018 5:25 PM EST

in response to: Isn’t it funny, Stormy is gonna make Trump go down instead of the other way around?
You need a brain to do that...

UNITED STATES / APR 8, 2018 10:33 AM EST

in response to: Tryin to decide...
Lmao such hypocrisy in that statement. The only reason Trump even is hated, is due to Hillary's campaign that didn't tell us what she could do but mostly focused on bashing Trump. You've been brainwashed by her own campaigns that no matter what good Trump has done, you're so far beyond that, that you can't give him any credit where credit is due. The rest of us are not gullible. Trump promised something, he did it. That's a good president.


in response to: The willfully ignorant trumplodytes really DO think he makes the sun rise in the morning, don't they? How sad that grown men and women can't think for themselves and rely on this 'man' to tell them what they believe. The rest of us are appalled.
I don't know about that but we all know there is only ONE obsessed anti Trump nutjob here. He, she, it, lives here because it has no friends, no life and no brains.


in response to: Why are there so many white trash Trump voting idiots on this site? Justcurio is turning into a trailer park!
Why isn't he? Because your Buddy Mueller is a liar just like Obama and Hillary were. Meanwhile, Trump is doing his job and you continue to watch CBS News for all the fake stories to be spread. Lmao you liberals have absolutely nothing. Just brainwashed CBS watchers.


in response to: Why isn’t Robert Mueller doing his fuсking job? His job is to get Orange Hitler impeached by finding the absolute worst of him, and yet this orange сunt is still in the White House. What gives?
What's wrong with obsessed Trump haters...brain damage due to extreme TDS?


in response to: What the fuсk is wrong with Trump’s supporters? Why can’t they understand the truth of...anything really?
Another way is to get them super horny and then ask them if they want to try. It's a bit more underhanded but it usually works. Horny brains, especially mens brains are simple like that


in response to: How can I find out if someone is as kinky as I am without wasting too much time or scaring them off while dating? I'm tired of boring sex.
Because you like the idea of him. You’re just lonely. Find another guy to rummage through your brain

UNITED STATES / MAR 30, 2018 11:31 PM EST

in response to: eeerg, I don't really like him. So why do I keep checking my phone?
brainwashed to believe he's a bad president* I fixed my mistake before you all decide to make Americans look more pathetic by picking on a fellow American over messing up a word.

UNITED STATES / MAR 30, 2018 5:32 PM EST

in response to: Why are trump lovers such little whining snowflakes?
You liberals think you're doing America good bashing your own president who decreased a deficit your Buddy Obama increased. All the while you're all only brainwashed to believe he's a be president cause the only excuses you make about Trump being bad are nowhere near intelligent reasons. You say he's a bad president but then when someone asks why, it's all of a sudden "cause he's stupid" or "look it up" Americans need to unite and what you're all doing is the opposite.

UNITED STATES / MAR 30, 2018 5:29 PM EST

in response to: Why are trump lovers such little whining snowflakes?
What if science concluded the existence of your brain? Somethings no one can answer...

UNITED STATES / MAR 28, 2018 1:42 AM EST

in response to: What if science concluded the existence of god?
Go outside, you brain dead sun dried fetus of a human being.

UNITED STATES / MAR 17, 2018 11:29 AM EST

in response to: What do want me to do right now?
and tiny brain

UNITED STATES / MAR 15, 2018 10:10 AM EST

in response to: What's the worst part of having sex with your sister? Getting out of the dirty little bitch's crib
You gotta inhale the cigarette smoke when you smoke one. You're not suppose to stick them up your nose into your brain cause if you do that, you get retarded posts like these.

UNITED STATES / MAR 2, 2018 12:17 PM EST

in response to: Wommp womp womp womp!! Aaah Cha Cha Cha, you moo! 🖕🏼😝🖕🏼Ya blinkin boinker, take that!!!! 🔫 pew pew pew 🔫 GORCHA!!! 🔫😝🖕🏼
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