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I cut payroll checks every week and it's usually a pain in the ass.

UNITED STATES / FEB 21, 2017 10:20 AM EST

in response to: I need to cut my friend checks everyday. what do I do?!?
you're cute

UNITED STATES / FEB 21, 2017 7:24 AM EST

in response to: if i was a zombie id never eat ur brain id just want ur heart
cut in your private area, they won't check there (unless they're sick in the head)

UNITED STATES / FEB 21, 2017 4:26 AM EST

in response to: I need to cut but my friend checks everyday. what do I do?!?
Woah! You wanna get rid of your Parents AND yous school simply so you can shave your eyebrows!! I'd hate to be around when you want to get a Haircut!!

KOREA / FEB 17, 2017 6:05 AM EST

in response to: I wanna shave my eyebrows off, like no brow. What can I do about my parents and school? Or what can I do to get rid of them, as I'm scared of doing it. I'm a 15 y/o boy
Just made steel cut oatmeal. It's nice, but I mixed in two tblsps. of the flax seed, so it turned into a yucky, thick, pasty gob of goo. I ate it anyway! Was hungry, and it's supposed to be good for you. 😊 Soooo, that's that.

UNITED STATES / FEB 16, 2017 5:39 PM EST

in response to: I have flax seed meal in the fridge. The expiration date on it was last month. Is it still ok if I eat it or are its nutritional value gone?
Not walking down the street, but I once snagged a couple little Debbie cakes, some Suzy Q cakes, and a few other of those boxed cakes. I cut them length width, thin, finger food, and arranged them on s small platter... Pia liked it. What the hell did I know back then?!

UNITED STATES / FEB 15, 2017 5:56 PM EST

in response to: Have you ever walked down the street eating a Little Debbie snack cake?
Its a Ukrainian butcher shop, and it's been there for as long as I can remember. Meats cured and hanging from hooks on the ceiling, homemade snaurkraut, fresh cold cuts galore, cold ready to heat soups and stews, pork, beef, chicken, veal, lamb, ukrainian candy, cookies, jams and preserves in the back, and loads of other goodies... but I only mostly go there for the ring of bread which they call cheese babka. It's 7.50 a loaf, but I can remember a time when it was no more that 4 bucks..

UNITED STATES / FEB 13, 2017 4:17 PM EST

in response to: What kind of shіt sandwich would like today?
Wow. Well that cut to the chase, huh? ☺️

UNITED STATES / FEB 10, 2017 10:44 PM EST

in response to: Honey! What ha doin!?? ☺️ I'm just after having a bubble tea from Kung Fu Tea. Taro, no sugar, no ice... it was eh. Bubbles were too squishy... it's fùcking cold out! Thought I'd freeze my ass off coming home. Had to pee too!
Deliberately misspelling is not cute


in response to: Dove milk chocolates are on sale!! Quess where am goin? ☺️
Your dad makes a cute face whenever I give him bj.

UNITED STATES / FEB 8, 2017 11:34 AM EST

in response to: My father constantly makes fun of the face I make when I orgasm. It’s has made me really self-conscious and I’m now dreading having sex with brother. Discuss...
they like the cute factor

UNITED STATES / FEB 7, 2017 12:15 PM EST

in response to: Why does Japan have a fetish of little girls and boys?
Putting the US on notice won't cut it. Trump is a train wreck waiting to happen. Something more drastic is needed.

NETHERLANDS / FEB 3, 2017 10:37 AM EST

in response to: Somebody should put the US on notice.
No she means look at me I am so cute. That is what attention whores do.


in response to: 🤔Am finkin oh idk, never mind.. 😣
You'll need deeper cuts. Cut-cut-cut-cut-cut! Keep on cutting, you fool!


in response to: my boyfriend saw my cuts but he didnt say anything about it. what does this mean
If you think that is cute then you are mistaken. You are disgusting.


in response to: Me boogers are dripping down my nose! 😫 Can you help me?
That's cute darlings 😝


in response to: I killed soh. I raped her and cut off her head. She's not coming back.
I'd say get a pistol...and shot his arms...then what can he type with? Once you shot his arms...cut his hands off with a chain-saw...then...I'd run before the cops found out

/ JAN 26, 2017 11:00 PM EST

in response to: My friend keeps on editing his face on my photos (im really buff) and saying its him irl to his internet friends. How do i stop him?
I'm dead. Cut-cut-cut-cut!

TURKEY / JAN 26, 2017 5:17 PM EST

in response to: I have a best friend me and her and both attracted to eachother (I'm a girl) but she just broke up with her gf, which my friend mistook her feelings for as more than just friends, and I really wanna ask her out before its too late what should I do (my friend doesn't wanna be in a relationship rn)
cut off sohs breast

UNITED STATES / JAN 24, 2017 6:57 AM EST

in response to: I am getting a PS Vita Slim. I know it has a 1GB of internal memory, I was wondering, can I download digital games to the 1GB internal memory(size allowing) or will I need a memory card? Basically just want to know if it is possible to save different things to the 1GB of internal memory like games digital games, videos and pictures.
No i like to drink when I go to work but let's try to cutt down or limits 😊

UNITED STATES / JAN 22, 2017 11:42 PM EST

in response to: Am i the only one who gets hammered before school
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