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I wuz just looking at this chap xavier naidoo on Wikipedia since he collaborated once w Andrea's Vollenweider - 7 successive no. 1 albums in Germany. 😮 I'm still listening to Eolian Minstrel in me car...

UNITED STATES / JAN 18, 2020 5:23 PM EST

in response to: What would America be like without diversity
DerangedDonald is dropping in the polls. Any more factoids you'd like to regurgitate while looking like a complete and immature moron?

UNITED STATES / JAN 13, 2020 11:56 AM EST

in response to: God is great they chant for him the terrorist. Trump takes the terrorist out.
That's funny, I came in the pool this afternoon and I couldnt stop looking at it...

UNITED STATES / JAN 7, 2020 11:03 PM EST

in response to: Gracious, it came in the post this afternoon, and I can’t stop looking at it! 😍
Speaking of perfume... I has a delivery coming in the post! Estée Lauder, trial sized eu de perfumes, five scents... Plus a round gold mirror, a set.. to put the perfumes on! *shakes da booty in a lil dance!looking for a signature, you moo! I’ve been wearing eu de toilettes these past few years! Rose scents ones mostly. So sooo tired of rose scents, I snagged these 5 scents w a discount! Hoping to find something that’ll go a me chemistry, fingers crossed. 🤗


in response to: Anyswaaaay!! 🤸🏻‍♀️ Splat! och.. fell in me bottom.. 😖
Soh! We've been looking all over for you!!


in response to: Gracious!! Graccciuuuuoooouuuuus!!
So wait. Democrats make comments about Trump and when someone who supports Trump asks a question, the Democrats not only can't answer, but they insult people for asking the question. So does that mean they hate themselves for not knowing and don't want to be reminded that they don't? Or does that mean they know but won't provide answers out of fear of looking ridiculous for their response?

UNITED STATES / DEC 30, 2019 7:16 PM EST

in response to: He's a sociopath. He believes in fear & chaos. He has limited abilities which are overlooked by the greedy who think they can use or benefit from it. He has no loyalties, no philosophy for how he lives his life and no moral or ethical standards.
Reading a question from an idiot looking for attention.

UNITED STATES / DEC 27, 2019 12:25 PM EST

in response to: Anyswaaaay!! Poot poots.. Darlinxeses, or I should say, ducklinxeses 🤗 what are you doing?? 🤗
"Nancy Pelosi is looking for a Quid Pro Quo with the Senate. Why aren’t we Impeaching her?" - Donald Simp. I thought you couldn't impeach a member of congress. He is so ignorant.

UNITED STATES / DEC 20, 2019 5:13 PM EST

in response to: Profoundly immoral, ha ha ha. 🤮
Lol he didn't steal money from any charity. He's rich, why would he need to steal it from a charity? That whole story about him stealing from charity was pushed by Democrats once again. Democrats can't seem to get him on anything and that's why they continue looking for things and creating fake stories about him and his family. Get your facts straight before running your mouth cause you have no clue what you're talking about lmao.

UNITED STATES / DEC 19, 2019 10:37 AM EST

in response to: Trump finally earned something all by himself!😂😆
Why would you go to a reddit thread full of Trump supporters unless you were looking to start an argument?

UNITED STATES / DEC 18, 2019 7:58 PM EST

in response to: Trump supporters are the most unamerican people on earth.
QLD (queer looking dude) but he has a good brain between his ears.

UNITED STATES / DEC 18, 2019 3:39 PM EST

in response to: Louis Gohmert's got it right
DonaldTrump and his entire administration is so dirty but they will continue b/c both the immoral GOP and inbred Trump supporters keeping looking the other way while they destroy this country.

UNITED STATES / DEC 15, 2019 3:13 PM EST

in response to: you can't prоve it mother fuсkеr! ALL HAIL TRUMP
My dog is hungry! He had nothing in his tummy cause I didn’t cook last night and he continues to ignore his kibble so an hour ago, he vomited a little bit of bile. You know a dog is hungry when he vomits and just yellow liquid comes up, don’t you?? Chicken will be pulled out soon, he can wsit. He looking at me right now.. knows I’m talking about him. Grey and white hair all tiny curls, still drying, he got a good scrubbing, that moo!


in response to: Hello! Hola.. 🥰 Shopping for the apartment: done, plenty of paper products, tp and paper towels, Kleenex, dish detergent.. etc. Grocery shopping .. ✅ done! Dinner: roasted chicken in the oven, lentil soup simmering on stove. Later I’ll do make the vegetables.. Pupper: All Clean From a Bath!! Yaaaaay!! Gosh, so happy to get that out of the way. Whew.. And you?? How are you?? What’d ya do today so far?? 🤗
No Sherlock. Why do you have such a hard on for pedo? Seems you are looking for it in everything.

UNITED STATES / DEC 8, 2019 11:13 AM EST

in response to: 0000000000040000010:0:0:3y
You sure seem fixated on Trump haters telling you why they hate him? Why do you care? They don't care why you don't understand. Nothing will change if you find what you're looking for. They'll still hate him and you'll still wonder why. Give it a rest, dude.


in response to: Trump has done nothing wrong yet he is being persecuted! Why?
You can't tell by looking at her if she is harmed or not.


in response to: Did you hear? Soh had a wreck. But dont worry, she is as yet unharmed.
If he initiates the break up and it was bad, she will be looking for you nonstop to talk to until she finds another boyfriend. DONT be that guy right away. That guy who's her next boyfriend will be a rebound. If she initiated it, you can be playful and flirty right away. Make the break up into a joke and be like "since you don't have a boyfriend at the moment, wanna go on a date with your bestfriend?" Then just go out with her.

UNITED STATES / NOV 30, 2019 12:08 PM EST

in response to: What do I do if I think I’m in love with a girl who considers me her best friend. Do I let it eat me up inside, or tell he and risk the friendship. She’s been important to me for a few years now but now she has a boyfriend and it makes me super angry. Not sure what to do about it, I just wanna be happy, also want her to be happy. Wouldn’t wanna lose her. real tough predicament.
naive spit is looking for someone to argue with on just say it

UNITED STATES / NOV 28, 2019 1:19 PM EST

in response to: If you invented your own language, what would be your word for tə̂otho?
What boobies have you been looking at like?

UNITED STATES / NOV 26, 2019 8:28 PM EST

in response to: Why do your boobs look like fried eggs with a pimple on top?
Who’s weenie you been looking at so closely?

CANADA / NOV 26, 2019 4:47 PM EST

in response to: Why does yer weenie look like dry wrinkled lentils??!?!?! Fer WHY??!?!!?!?!? 😖
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