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Question asker.... bff (maybe so... I’m not too sure lmao) however was trying to shorten the question because I was told 3 times it was too long —- best friend is what I meant haha

UNITED STATES / APR 22, 2018 11:45 PM EST

in response to: My hubbys bff has always been flirty. We were watching a movie and we joked and started talking about the sex toys I have. He then told me that he would “help me” with them. Basically he meant that he would use the toy on me. He did... we kissed and then I sucked him off.... it was so hot and I don’t have the same excitement with my husband like That anymore. I’m afraid I will just be a cheater and stay with my husband. What should I do!? Ugh.....
The demasculization of men in the US started shortly after the sexual revolution of the 60s a d 70s.iberals are actively seeking out ways to neutralize patriarchy and misogyny in society because it is a threat to their ideology and overall agenda that includes the destruction of western values and male centric dominance.

UNITED STATES / APR 19, 2018 2:10 PM EST

in response to: This is nothing against any orientation; seriously why are so many young white men turning out gay?
Maybe they are lazy, but I must admit, he does seem to be all those things. Thanks for the shortened list. There isn't enough space here to put the full list of what a totally fecked up embarrassment to mankind as a whole that he is.

UNITED STATES / APR 15, 2018 5:55 PM EST

in response to: Donald Trump will go down in history as the neediest, most narcissistic, least intelligent, bigoted, poorly educated, least empathetic, most moronic, waffling excuse for a POTUS in the history of the USA.
The short bus

CANADA / APR 12, 2018 5:33 PM EST

in response to: Why am i the only one on the bus.
Take a long.walk off a short pier...

CANADA / APR 10, 2018 5:24 PM EST

in response to: Annnnnd we’re walkin!! 🖕🏼😝🖕🏼
Do you have any short clean jokes.


in response to: Justcurio Joke of the Week: Why does Bent Shaft wear a shirt with colorful triangles on it? In loving memory of that stained glass window that his backup musician destroyed during a video shoot on October 28, 2016. He lost SO MUCH money in that lawsuit!
Can't wait for impeachment proceedings. Watching trump get locked up will be nothing short of joyful!

UNITED STATES / APR 2, 2018 12:48 PM EST

in response to: JustCurious joke of the week: liberal opinions 😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅
Dude, it's almost prom season. Either pay off some corrupt school admin (there is no shortage of those) or chaperone, and take her to a real prom. Word of warning, they're kinda lame and overrated.

UNITED STATES / MAR 21, 2018 12:51 PM EST

in response to: Wife was grounded from her prom 12 years ago for something she didn't even do. She has hinted that for her 30th birthday (this April) she would like to have a prom-like experience somehow...where do I even start? Is this even possible?
Nerp!! Had my walk, albeit short... there’s a storm comming!! Now, it’s time to sort and do laundry... quessjvg the laundromat willl he packed.. 🤗

UNITED STATES / MAR 20, 2018 6:09 PM EST

in response to: darlings.. there laundry to do. Wyd today?? ☺️
Get your cuff legs shortened then dumbbell.

UNITED STATES / MAR 13, 2018 4:06 PM EST

in response to: Mine drags on the ground.
You are looking at your problem in the wrong way. Double amputee women are too rare are thus command a huge premium. Furthermore the trauma of loosing their limbs normally means that they are crazy bitches. However, there’s no shortage of babies and what’s a baby if it isn’t a fleshlite with a heartbeat

UNITED STATES / MAR 11, 2018 11:59 AM EST

in response to: Where can i find a double amputee woman to date so that i can basically have a living fleshlight
8:02 you really need to stick with school and learn a bit. What are you like a middle school kid or just a poorly educated liberal high school kid? I'll help you out a bit. Notice the quotes? It means someone else is saying that. Now technically, I used those as examples but you tend to fall short on the latter by going technical with exact words being used. Notice how you actually shied away from the original topic by making all of this about technicalities within examples.


in response to: Is America Great Again?
There is nothing wrong with girls having short hair.Don't feel yourself ashamed.Go there and be yourself.

FRANCE / FEB 28, 2018 3:48 PM EST

in response to: Long story short- I look like a guy. I cut off all my hair and now everyone thinks I'm a guy. Parents forced me to a home school group for guys. It was fun at first, but I am tired of hiding the fact that I am a girl. They still don't know..yet. Tomorrow is our first swim meet. What should I do? Besides, Josh and I are really good friends, my heart races...
The most lied to generation in history which results in a false sense of self esteem. Their answer to solving life's problems amounts to nothing more than throwing a tantrum. Their spoiled brat behavior since Nov. 2016 has been nothing short of atrocious and embarrassing. All because they don't know how and why things function in a civil and orderly society. But it's not their fault...nothing they do is their fault and that's what they think is their "get out of jail" free card.

UNITED STATES / FEB 22, 2018 9:22 AM EST

in response to: I love watching as all the little special snowflakes worlds tumble down after the realization that they are indeed human garbage just like the rest of us :)
Well lets break it down. Retard is a definition on it's own. Libtard is short for liberal retard. Now roll with me here cause I wanna help you comprehend this. Republican retard would have to be reptard because well, Republican retard needs to be defined as something new and cannot be the same as the origin which is retard. Hope a liberal learned something from this lesson. I know liberals are slow learners so if any liberal would like me to tutor them more, let me know.

UNITED STATES / FEB 21, 2018 10:47 PM EST

in response to: If liberals are now considered libtards does that mean republicans should now be considered retards?
Turn on the f u c k off mode and free yourself, dude. Really. Life is too short to worry about what other people think about us. That's their problem, not yours. ;)

UNITED STATES / FEB 18, 2018 11:32 PM EST

in response to: I just spent a few hours at a party. All of the people there but me work together and they talked about nothing else. This in any practical sense excluded me from the conversation. I was barely able to make any comment for about an hour and a half. At that point was it rude of me to leave the party since the host had not opened her gifts?
Only if she has a short skirt and loooooooooooooooooong jacket.

UNITED STATES / FEB 17, 2018 2:56 AM EST

in response to: Would you want a girl with a smooth liquidation? Would you want a girl with good dividends? At Citibank, will you meet accidentally? When you start to talk will she borrow your pen?
Definitely someone who keeps it real. Life is too short for anything else.

UNITED STATES / FEB 13, 2018 5:19 PM EST

in response to: Would you rather someone who kept it real, or someone who was a fake?
Assholes then and assholes now. That is the short of it, asshole.

UNITED STATES / FEB 12, 2018 5:15 PM EST

in response to: I wanted to ask people who were at this site from the time it was created.Were people asking normal questions back then,or were people the same as today?
Well they will need a place to run when the Mueller investigation comes up short. We should make these little snowflakes pay for all the tax dollars tossed down the Mueller rat hole, but how can they do that when most of them are minimum wage earning slobs?.....🤣


in response to: Everybody better clap when I have my parade! -President Snowflake
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