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The fact that he won't speak to you is harmless, but you should really call the police on what his family is doing.

UNITED STATES / JUN 20, 2016 8:03 AM EST

in response to: My ex has been stalking me for 2 years (that I know of). Him and his entire family, keeps tabs on where I go & what I do. Everyone knows me as his girlfriend; but the problem is - he's too afraid to speak to me. What should I do? I've tried reaching out, he panics when he sees me.
Speak for yourself. You come on spewing every little detail of the boring shît of your everyday life. I, for one happen to enjoy the artwork.

UNITED STATES / JUN 15, 2016 12:22 PM EST

in response to: Is he still painting? I was following him on social media, but haven't seen anything in the news feed.

UNITED STATES / JUN 13, 2016 12:14 PM EST

in response to: FUK THE FUK OFF
lol same thing is happening to me at work, but we don't text… like everyone can tell he is into me. but tbh this kid sounds like player the one your speaking about!

/ JUN 11, 2016 10:47 PM EST

in response to: So there is this guy that before he wouldn't care to know things about me and when we texted was short answers. And now recently he started to ask me love questions of my past relationships and if anyone flirts with me at work. I also seem him a lot more at work I can't tell if he does it on purpose . He also seems to get all giggly and happy when I am around him. Can't tell if that's just him being friendly or having feelings for me, because he also has a girlfriend but they seem not stable.
For the love of all than is Holy and Good, please STOP! You are making no friends here or at GP. We have all heard you speak your piece, now can you please just end this?!? Yes, what has America and Europe done in the past was bad, but that's THE PAST, and we are trying to fix everything that was done! Stop blaming it on innocent JC/GPers who just want to live their lives!!!


in response to: Why do you United Statesiders feel entitled to the Southwest states when you stole them from both the Mexicans and the Natives? The worst part is that you сunts replaced the unique Spanish-Indian culture with that bullshìt redneck white trash fuсkery. Why?

UNITED STATES / MAY 27, 2016 9:57 AM EST

in response to: Yo Why would you git someone else ta make uh list fo' you?? It's cuz you lie. You lie an' manipulate níggas. You do it all da damn tyme. Bet you gots da whole o' Justcurio wrapped round yo' fingers don' 'cha? Don' make me come ova there bitch...
Are you speaking of yourself? I don't know anyone that actually hate gay people.

UNITED STATES / MAY 22, 2016 10:43 AM EST

in response to: Why do the dimwitted hate gay people so much?
Well space can be viewed as the void, so, nothing. If you're speaking if oblivion, then I doubt anything either. It's just nothing going on forever, so literally nothing. It's like staring at a space between two stars.

/ MAY 21, 2016 2:13 PM EST

in response to: What if I gaze at the void?
Suicide is never the option! There is always hope. Speak to a family member they can help you through your tough time


in response to: If my entire life has been one failed romance after another, would it be appropriate for me to commit suicide? Yes, it's an unpopular option, but I'm tired of living in eternal pain and loneliness.
I hope that you speak better than you write.

UNITED STATES / MAY 7, 2016 12:31 PM EST

in response to: If ya' had some choice between datin' Michael Buckwheatson and datin' Fuh'rina McCartney, who would ya' date? Who gots de right t'say "de dog gone goat be mine! Right on!"?
Genetically speaking there's actually some benefits of third cousins having kids. It wont produce an inbred because third cousins are far way enough from each other. It's like the Goldilocks zone of genetic closeness when it come to kids. It's totally fine scientifically speaking so just tell your family that if they ask. Nothing wrong with it.

UNITED STATES / MAY 4, 2016 12:13 PM EST

in response to: Am I bad person for having strong feelings for my third cousin? I mean we both have strong feelings for each other and we don't know what to do... We don't want our family to hate us but the spark/chemistry between us is undeniable.. Even some other family members have noted that we seemed "too close" but we can't help it! We can't just let this go, is having these feelings about each other too taboo?
Type that on english,please.I cant understand your answer. You tried google translate didnt you? I speak english and serbian so feel free to answer on english


in response to: Ima li Srba ovdje?
You should indeed go to see your doctor or counseler at school/college as a first step. Speaking to professional and having them diagnose you is an important step to improving your well being. It is theraputic just talking to someone about it. If you need your parents to take you there, you can tell your parents that it's some other minor health thing. It took me a few years to tell my own parent and it wasn't super comfortable but it was good in the long run.

FRANCE / MAY 1, 2016 7:52 PM EST

in response to: For a few years now, I've been struggling with some mental stuff along with self harm. I hesitate to say I have depression or anxiety because I haven't been to a doctor. I'm a teen that would rather not clue my parents into what I've been going through, even though I've wanted to go to the doctor for a little while now. And I know that even after the endless internet research I've done, that self-diagnosis is still iffy. I'm just very lost, and I don't know what to do. Please leave advice.
It is difficult to answer what is fair, as it ranges from person to person. An individual may identify their actions, for example, as equal and just, however, another may interpret it as a threat or an offense to their beliefs and moral values. Personally, what i think is 'fair', broadly speaking, is to live in a world where no one has the right to take the life of others, even if it was for present criminals. To bring order and balance to the world, i would prefer them to rot in jail.


in response to: What do you think is fair?
This kind of anxiety is common and it's something you can deal with. However, it's important that you do actually do something positive about it. Talk to someone you trust about this, like your friends, siblings, or school counseller. And consider speaking to a doctor, too. They will be very understanding. I think you should try to speak to your parents properly. Don't want until the middle of an argument, ask to speak to them. If you can't explain yourself, they don't know how you feel.

FRANCE / APR 28, 2016 4:48 AM EST

in response to: Does anyone ever feel like they have to 'act' to feel normal. My parents think I'm just rude and shy but sometimes talking to people and any social situations get me sickly nervous. Even today I had to stay home because I felt like I couldn't handle people today. I needed a day to be alone because class and teachers calling on me to sleak is just too nerveracking. I'm tired of hearing that it's just hormones or because I'm a teenager no one takes anything I say seriously.
First step to feeling better is realising something feels off. You've already done this so that's something you can be positive about. I would recommend speaking to a counseler at your school, doctor or a friend you trust. It will feel better sharing with someone in person. At any rate, you're not alone. Best wishes.

FRANCE / APR 24, 2016 11:32 PM EST

in response to: I think I may have depression. What are the symptoms? Has anybody experienced it and can tell me what they felt like?
Speaking of morons ...

UNITED STATES / APR 20, 2016 12:08 PM EST

in response to: Can you still get it up?
Speaking of morons ...

UNITED STATES / APR 20, 2016 12:08 PM EST

in response to: Nayarit vs. Sinaloa. Discuss.
Speaking of morons ...

UNITED STATES / APR 20, 2016 12:08 PM EST

in response to: Do you have bedbugs in your bed?
Speaking of morons ...

UNITED STATES / APR 20, 2016 8:22 AM EST

in response to: Got my period 4 years ago and havent told mom. how can i??? im toooo afraid she will tell daddy and then he will stop sticking his ćock up my ćunt because he is only attracted to prepubescent girls 😠
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