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By removing that part of your brain that gives you caution awareness. I think that person is the one that has to do something in order for you to find them trustworthy again.

UNITED STATES / OCT 16, 2017 4:04 PM EST

in response to: how do i learn to trust someone who failed me?
No you don't, trust me

CANADA / OCT 13, 2017 5:21 PM EST

in response to: Last thing u fantasized about (sexually) in detail
They're more romantic than the ridiculous "I need you to hold me" relationships. LDRs are actually more on the emotional side. Movies might make it sound like they're really exciting and thrilling but movies exaggerate things. Real LDRs are all about trust. Have you seen their face not just from pictures such as video chatting them? If they don't go on video, odds are they're just fake people pretending to be others.

UNITED STATES / OCT 10, 2017 1:56 AM EST

in response to: Thoughts on long distance relationships?
It would depend on how serious you are about the person and if you feel guilty about what you did, but honestly that's something that only you can figure out. So do you want to tell the new person about it or not? If not there isn't harm and if you feel that you should then if they really care for and trust you it shouldn't really matter to them

UNITED STATES / SEP 27, 2017 6:55 PM EST

in response to: I am separated from my husband, I had an affair while unhappily married, we tried marriage counseling but could not piece it back together. My question is this, As I move forward in life should I share my indiscretion with someone I become serious about or should I leave it in the past?
Depends if they are always trusting or not. Trust = yes, Untrustworthy = waste of time

UNITED STATES / SEP 21, 2017 1:24 AM EST

in response to: A family member tells you to jump in the car, drives you 20 mins to a random place and tells you he's dumped 2 bodies in the water... wtf? Do I take it serious?
Trust me, I'm like a smart person.

UNITED STATES / SEP 21, 2017 11:42 AM EST

in response to: Have you ever been to Namdia?
Doubts, Short-faith, Luck of trust, his rules are made good. Love is stronger than the knowledge of pain.

UNITED STATES / SEP 16, 2017 10:17 PM EST

in response to: If god is good why are there so many rules, regulations and suffering in this world?
You are right. taking birth control and smoking is a killer. You could try talking to your friend first because he might not be aware of the risks. Use the parents as your last resort though cause you may lose his trust and ultimately friendship.

UNITED STATES / SEP 14, 2017 5:03 PM EST

in response to: My friend is 16 years old. His girlfriend is soon to be 18. They have sex a lot and his girlfriend takes birth control pills and smokes. From what i have heard, taking birth control pills and smoking could be fatal. I was thinking of sending an email to his parents but I am not sure if that is the right thing to do. Could I please get your honest opinion?
You have to make her trust you and at the same time not give her the feeling you want her just for sex or stuff like this.

TURKEY / SEP 12, 2017 3:12 PM EST

in response to: How do I get my girlfriend to let me touch her boobs
7:03 last time I checked, all Trump supporters were the least racist while the real racists were Democrats holding the black community down by not doing anything to help them. Paying a majority of them that are poor in welfare. Shunning them and creating groups such as BlackLivesMatter when all lives should matter. Putting emphasis on black people depicting them as low class and low intelligent that they need help all the while only caring to gain their trust for votes.

UNITED STATES / SEP 10, 2017 8:11 PM EST

in response to: Donald J. Trump will soon be the Ex-President of the United States.
Find a day where you have nothing planned and just spend that day soul searching. Just think everything out so that you can find out where your lack of motivation came from and perhaps discover a new motivator. That's how I always get out of those kinds of situations. Trust me, everyone's been there.

CANADA / AUG 28, 2017 2:58 AM EST

in response to: Okay so I have been so overwhelmed with school work that I have just kind of stopped doing it and have no motivation at all and I'm not like depressed or anything I just don't know how to get out of this slump. Anyone know how to?
Hey, it's OK to have suicidal thoughts. You are not a bad person. Just make sure that you don't attempt anything, as it will be utterly painful and you will instantly regret it. Trust me.

UNITED STATES / AUG 28, 2017 12:15 PM EST

in response to: Going to kill myself
I'm a surgeon so trust me when I say that there's no way to do this without great pain unless you numb yourself. Simply use dry ice first to numb it up. Once it's become numb, take a brown bag and wrap it around tightly so no blood gets everywhere. Take a little vacuum hose and measure to where you wanna cut it. Once your done, simply take a knife and slice through very slowly to minimize any feeling. Enjoy!

UNITED STATES / AUG 27, 2017 5:53 PM EST

in response to: Ways of self-circumcising? Preferably minimal pain, thx
So white people are cleaning up their history so they can look good? No matter how many of those monuments you remove, I will still never trust you Devils, so it's a wasted effort.

UNITED STATES / AUG 14, 2017 1:31 AM EST

in response to: Why are people so intent on removing all Confederate statues and memorials? If we remove too many of them, then there will be no evidence to show the world how evil and fuсked up white people are!
Trust me, personality is far more important than looks. Once women get to know you, they will surely see what a great guy you are. Just let your personality, humour and charisma shine through!

VIETNAM / AUG 6, 2017 4:10 AM EST

in response to: Im pretty sure no one is attracted to me whatsoever. dont get me wrong I dont look like a car crash but im not a man hunk either. Im a good guy as well. women just dont see me as "dating material" for some reason and I dont know why or what to do about it. im 19 and havent even had a first kiss
It's ok, trust me. This may sound tedious but your time will come!! I'm kindof in the same boat.

VIETNAM / AUG 6, 2017 4:08 AM EST

in response to: Hi I am 15 an no won likes me! I thinks I am reallllly pretty but no boy thinks so he says I'm stupid but I think I am very smarte. What do I do because I don't wan die alown
Honestly half of these answers are dumb. EMBRACE YOURSELF. Though you may go through some tough times accepting it, you ARE gay. And nothing should stop it. Perhaps don't tell your family just yet. And choose a VERY good time, I made that mistake telling my father I was bisexual. Meet other gays. get to know people who are like you. DO NOT: Hide it from everyone. You should know, gay people around you should know. It's all about knowing who to trust.


in response to: How can I stop being gay?
Adding on to my original post, it's okay to be worried. Obviously she trusts you very much, so you seem like a good person. Refer her to a therapist if she feels hurt emotionally form her past. My dude, you seem like a kind fellow. So there's no need to worry.

CHINA / AUG 3, 2017 5:49 AM EST

in response to: I just started dating my girlfriend a week ago. We've been friends for a long time. We've both had bad relationships, her more than I. I keep thinking that I'm going to screw up, and I'm scared because I don't want to hurt her. How do I stop worrying about this?
She's probably thinking the same thing, that she'll screw up and hurt you with her emotional baggage. Just have an one on one talk to each other, face to face. She trusts you because you were her friend and still are. Be there for her.

CHINA / AUG 3, 2017 5:45 AM EST

in response to: I just started dating my girlfriend a week ago. We've been friends for a long time. We've both had bad relationships, her more than I. I keep thinking that I'm going to screw up, and I'm scared because I don't want to hurt her. How do I stop worrying about this?
Dynamics of child sexual abuse: – Physical force/violence is very rarely used; rather the perpetrator tries to manipulate the child’s trust and hide the abuse. – The perpetrator is typically a known and trusted caregiver. – Child sexual abuse often occurs over many weeks or even years.


in response to: It's high time that we addressed one of today's most common misconceptions. Child molesters abuse children. This is nothing to do with pedophilia. The world "pedophile" comes from ancient Greek pedos=child philos=friend. By definition pedophiles are not child abusers. Society has to learn to disassociate its thinking of pedophilia with hurting or abusing children.
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