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How do I get my straight friend to let me blow him? Or at least play with his thing.. he's cute we play soccer together

UNITED STATES / AUG 15, 2017 4:15 PM EST

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Took a double dose of laxative & I'm blowin chunks like crazy

UNITED STATES / JUL 20, 2017 10:49 AM EST

» 4 answers

Hi. Wanna blow me?

UNITED STATES / JUL 10, 2017 2:26 PM EST

» 3 answers

Boy: "Why were you bouncing on daddy's tummy last night?" Mum: "I do that so his stomach doesn't get fat." Boy: "That won't work." Mum: "Why not?" Boy: "Little sister keeps blowing him back up."


» 2 answers

The next girl to reject me should be forced to hold a shotgun to my head and blow my brain to bits

UNITED STATES / JUN 9, 2017 10:55 PM EST

» 3 answers

What kind of an asshole buys a ticket to a concert, goes there and then blows themselves up before it's over?

UNITED STATES / MAY 24, 2017 1:31 PM EST

» 5 answers

Should I blow a fart now?

UNITED STATES / MAY 10, 2017 10:17 PM EST

» 4 answers

Will the wind ever remember the names it has blown in the past?

UNITED STATES / APR 27, 2017 7:23 PM EST

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Anywho... blow me. 🖕🏼😝

UNITED STATES / APR 10, 2017 4:15 PM EST

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Jazzabella is snoring and twitching and blowing farts and has her full weight leaned up against me and I wouldn't have it any other way... I like to fink dogs come into our lives for a reason.... annnd I hope she stays for a long time ..

UNITED STATES / FEB 28, 2017 10:32 PM EST

» 7 answers

soh admits she has a сock ...10:21 Blow me, asshole. 😡 UNITED STATES / FEB 9, 2017 10:24 PM EST

UNITED STATES / FEB 9, 2017 10:28 PM EST

» 2 answers

Blow away, watch it blow away...

UNITED STATES / JAN 30, 2017 9:33 PM EST

» 1 answer

DEAR DEIDRE I’m cheating on my girlfriend with her fit mum and now she wants me to dump her daughter I still love my girlfriend but sex with her mum is mindblowing!

CANADA / JAN 9, 2017 9:25 PM EST

» 3 answers

So I've had sex many times before, with past boyfriends. Currently I've been talking to this guy who wants to have casual sex...problem is, I get emotionally attached very easily but still want to experience a hooking up with someone. My other fear is STDs...of course a condom would be used, but is it still safe? if I were to give him a blow job, could I contract anything? Thank you.


» 6 answers

if soh gave me a blow job would that make me gay?


» 2 answers

Do I look dead? They will wipe anything that moves. Where you headed? To Honey Farms. I am onto something huge here. I'm going to Alaska. Moose blood, crazy stuff. Blows your head off!

UNITED STATES / NOV 27, 2016 12:00 PM EST

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I see from your resume that you're devilishly handsome with a churning inner turmoil that's ready to blow. I enjoy what I do. Is that a crime?

UNITED STATES / NOV 27, 2016 11:46 AM EST

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Watch it, Benson! I could blow right now! This isn't a goodfella. This is a badfella! Why doesn't someone just step on this creep, and we can all go home?!

UNITED STATES / NOV 27, 2016 11:45 AM EST

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Julian Assange: Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks. As a 27 year-old, works for the DNC, was shot in the back, murdered just a few weeks ago for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington. Reporter: That was just a robbery, I believe. Wasn’t it? Julian Assange: No. There’s no finding. So… I’m suggesting that our sources take risks.

UNITED STATES / NOV 12, 2016 3:57 PM EST

» 3 answers

Hey resident tumblrite.... Blow it out your ass! Hahahahahaha


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