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Palestinian children, they blow up so fast these days


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my mom and dad have to go to court tomorrow for child support things or something?? my mom wants me to stay home from school or leave at 10 and go bast at 12 so i can see my dad since i've never actually met him but i just don't want to,, and now she keeps saying she wishes i would reconsider and i don't know what to do


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I hope I never have a child with autism because then I would feel awful leaving them in a ditch.

UNITED STATES / NOV 30, 2017 8:07 PM EST

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Pedo guys, what's your favorite child pørn? I wanna watch it...

UNITED STATES / NOV 30, 2017 6:08 AM EST

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Why are people STILL spreading that bullshìt about loli/shota hentai being “child pоrnography”? It’s a victimless art that relies on fantasy and make-believe, NO CHILDREN ARE HARMED BY THIS. It’s like saying people who play video games will become mass murderers. People who enjoy this type of art are mature adults who appreciate the beauty and innocence of children. There is nothing wrong or illegal about this!

UNITED STATES / NOV 26, 2017 4:01 PM EST

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Should I have children with my husband, who is a two-time sex offender?

UNITED STATES / NOV 22, 2017 7:14 AM EST

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Mrs. Burns has a retarded child. Mrs. Burns is an old black women. I wanna slay her vag. But she has that retard. What should I do.

UNITED STATES / NOV 21, 2017 4:21 PM EST

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How would you fare with no child pоrn? No images of prepubescent girls more beautiful than you yourself could land... These women doing sexual things to NOT you, seared into your psyche over and over, look but you cant touch, fuсking brains rewired into entitlement to flesh. Spilling unloved, frustrated empty seeds over and over to women you despise so much for not choosing you, feeding the matrix all that orgasm energy and hatred and disgust and frustration.

UNITED STATES / NOV 21, 2017 3:18 AM EST

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Are loli/shota images of cartoon pre-teen girls considered child pоrn? I’m not a pedo, I’m just asking for a friend.

UNITED STATES / NOV 20, 2017 9:26 PM EST

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Accidentally woke up my friend's 2 year old daughter. She now cries when I go near her. She resents me for interrupting her midday nap with sex. I know a girl's first sexual experience can be a confusing time for her, but she's really overreacting. She slept on me by choice (because she's my friend's child, I choose not to drug her). Furthermore, I have bouncing her on my сock since she was a baby and she always played along rather than just crawling away. How to make her love me again?

UNITED STATES / NOV 20, 2017 6:44 AM EST

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would the jackson 5 be as good if father jackson didnt beat his children and make them sleep in the fireplace?

UNITED STATES / NOV 19, 2017 2:05 PM EST

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My main hobbies are browsing JC and watching child pоrn, but my passion is child molesting :)

UNITED STATES / NOV 14, 2017 9:07 AM EST

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I am Mrs Rosemary 69 years old, from Ivory Coast I am married to late Mr Ferdinand Koffi of blessed memory who worked with Ivory Coast government for years before he died in the year 2005. We were married for years without a child. Since his death I too have been battling with cancer and fibroid problems. Recently, my Doctor told me that I would not last for the next two months due to Cancer problem.Though what disturbs me most is my stroke sickness.

UNITED STATES / NOV 14, 2017 5:45 AM EST

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My cat has a Nikon camera, she loves to take photographs of prepubescent children in the bath

UNITED STATES / NOV 14, 2017 3:31 AM EST

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Would you speak up to a 9 year old child which is not yours peeing in a public pool? what would you say?

UNITED STATES / NOV 12, 2017 7:06 AM EST

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Lol look up the following in Google Images, it's crazy: American Inventors, White couple, White woman with children, European history people, Happy American couple (this one is funny), European people art, White man and white woman

UNITED STATES / NOV 11, 2017 5:09 PM EST

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The owner of Ghostposter can’t code his way out of a paper bag. He was too busy sexually abusing children to learn how to program.

UNITED STATES / NOV 10, 2017 10:12 AM EST

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Tests have revealed that the ‘child refugee’ who raped and murdered 19-year-old Maria Ladenburger is actually between 22 and 30 years old. Dental analysis of a tooth which was taken from Hussein Khavari eight months before the attack during a routine procedure suggests he is “probably” 25 years old, with a 99.7 per cent probability that his true age falls somewhere between 22.05 and 29.55


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Steven Beerсock's Children's Hospital - the world's largest pediatric hospital. I'm going to dress up as a surgeon. I'm going to perform operations on them. Sew little cocks and little clitorises into their tiny little hands. So when I'm holding hands with them, I'm actually abusing the little bastards. ITALY/Jun 6, 2017 02:17 PM


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I was thinking that I should get a sperm donor since I don't plan on getting married. Is 13 too young to have a child? I mean I'll be 14 by the time the kids born but ya know should I? I wanted a few other opinion since my family agrees.

UNITED STATES / NOV 6, 2017 10:45 PM EST

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