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Unipussy. No job. never did anything for his country. A true coward if there ever was one. A welfare recipient. A real drag on your taxes. Just another white trash government ward. Amen.

UNITED STATES / JAN 10, 2020 11:23 AM EST

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Why is Beercòck so anti-American? He despises the country and the people in it, he used to be that way with the Brits (he is British) but one of the Brits likes him so he isn't as bad with knocking them.


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According to one report from the the Sunday Times, ecologists from the University of Sydney estimate that roughly 480 million mammals, birds, and reptiles have been killed either directly or indirectly by the horrific inferno that has been sweeping across the country since September.


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Next year at this time we be discussing how the newly elected Democratic president will be uniting the country and undoing the destruction trump has caused.

UNITED STATES / DEC 26, 2019 1:05 PM EST

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It confuses me why normal people piss and moan all there lives about our country needing change. "This is wrong! Someone needs to fix this, that the other!" Then someone who dares to shake up the system; the controlled system bites back and the normal everyday folk join in and hang the fuçker in a witch hunt. Fučken idiots better not piss and moan anymore.

UNITED STATES / DEC 20, 2019 12:22 PM EST

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its impossible to be a Republican and be patriotic, because its a hate-based party and that includes hatred of our country.

UNITED STATES / DEC 20, 2019 8:23 AM EST

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The Republicans are honestly a much better stud up bunch. They are the only ones who cares about the constitution as it is dragged through the mud by the Dems. What Democrats will do to this country is an outrage.

UNITED STATES / DEC 18, 2019 3:44 PM EST

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The problem with the Dems is that they are not business men. Once upon a time an actual business man called Trump sorted the country out instead of career politicians who had never had a propper job or created a job. God bless Donald J. Trump.

UNITED STATES / DEC 18, 2019 2:29 PM EST

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The Dems are impeaching Trump for asking a foreign country to interfering in its elections. Watch Obama tell the UK to stay in the EU or be at the back of the queue for a trade deal. Interfering in other country campaigns. Wasn't Obama a Dem. Anyway here's the evidence youtu.be/-CJbDz0ffjY

UNITED STATES / DEC 18, 2019 2:05 PM EST

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Just Curio Voices from our Brothers series presents: excerpts from Just Curio Travel Guides Part 1 Uganda: "Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa whose diverse landscape encompasses the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and immense Lake Victoria. Its abundant wildlife includes chimpanzees as well as rare birds. Remote Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a renowned mountain gorilla…


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I never envisioned a time like this in our country. What a despicable display by our "leader" in front of the entire world!


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Actually & according to Putin, “America will be absolutely stupid to not impeach & in prison Donald! Donald is guilty of major crimes & he is an extreme criminal & traitor to any country!”

UNITED STATES / DEC 2, 2019 12:59 PM EST

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uUniballer is a pussy snowflake coward. Too scared to serve his country. Disgraceful coward that he is. Amen.

UNITED STATES / NOV 28, 2019 2:31 PM EST

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Uniballer is a pussy snowflake coward. Too scared to serve his country. Disgraceful coward that he is. Amen.

UNITED STATES / NOV 28, 2019 2:02 PM EST

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When I’m elected president Greta Thunberg will my Environment Secretary. I’ll gently hold onto her plats as we make love. Then as we tour elementary schools around the country she will give speeches and assist me in molesting sexy prepubescent girls 8======) - - - - -

UNITED STATES / NOV 25, 2019 4:39 PM EST

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Justcurio News Network: The Trump impeachment hearings are still going on and they are STILL revealing the shady shìt that Premier Trumpovsky has done with Ukraine President Monica Zelinsky. Why do people STILL believe his lies when these hearings have shown the TRAITORIOUS shìt he did with a foreign country?!?

UNITED STATES / NOV 15, 2019 1:23 PM EST

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The harder it is to learn a topic, the more likely you are to defend its validity. Imagine putting so much time and effort in trying to understand the bible, you are surely more likely to defend your interpretation of it. If the bible was a 3 page pamphlet, we would have less religion nutters in this country.

UNITED STATES / NOV 15, 2019 10:26 AM EST

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Trump is trying to reframe people as "Never Trumpers" despite many of them being part of his administration and Republican. These are people who gave him a chance, but soon realized he was inept and corrupt. Their allegiance is to the country, not to one man.

UNITED STATES / NOV 12, 2019 12:18 PM EST

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Our country cannot afford another second of the gutless gang of eunuchs in the GOP enabling Trump, a demented disaster who obsesses over himself, BarackObama & HillaryClinton, while resurrecting ISIS & fanning the flames of domestic terrorism. Impeachment Is Coming.

UNITED STATES / OCT 30, 2019 1:15 PM EST

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to asian females between ages of 14 to 28 born in a western country: would you ever reply to a fob in your dms?

UNITED STATES / OCT 26, 2019 8:05 PM EST

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