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Im 13 and my parents recently got custody of my girl cousin who is 15, massively obese, selfish and mean as a snake. She is now living in my room and she is hell to live with. She is dirty, nasty, fat and wants me to lie for her all the time. I cant deal with this any longer and I want out of this family but I don't know how to go about doing it legally. suggestions anyone?


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If you’ve had sex, but have never had to pay for it, you’re a better deal maker than Donald Trump!

UNITED STATES / JUL 30, 2018 5:55 PM EST

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How to deal with someone confronting you about a secret that you thought no one would ever know? A secret that you thought you got rid of all evidence of, but they found the evidence before you deleted it from online? This person was someone I looked up to, but now I don't know how they actually feel about me anymore.

UNITED STATES / JUL 25, 2018 9:50 PM EST

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Okay, so heres the deal. In a relationship, I'm being labeled as controlling because I have asked her not to talk to guys who make sexual advances or comments toward her, knowing she is in a relationship. She views me asking her not to talk to anyone as controlling, where i feel it doesnt matter who she talks to, as long as they are not disrespectful. Is it wrong to ask someone not to talk to someone for any reason?

UNITED STATES / JUL 25, 2018 9:37 PM EST

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All of trump’s supporting traitors will be appropriately dealt with.☠️☠️

UNITED STATES / JUL 17, 2018 1:39 PM EST

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Imagine Trump having to deal with the Second Great Depression. Without listening to anyone. Ignoring advice from his own people. Call them Republicans, call them conservative. Who cares. He's ignoring them. He'll think he can handle it all by himself.

UNITED STATES / JUL 10, 2018 11:13 AM EST

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"Donald Trump has tweeted an unsubstantiated claim from an hardline Iranian cleric and circulated by a news agency linked to the country’s Revolutionary Guard, that thousands of Iranians were granted US citizenship as part of the 2015 nuclear deal." Typically Trump. Never check anything, don't dig deeper, just blurt it out.


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Guys: what's your opinion on a girl who has never had a boyfriend before and just turned 22? Big deal or no? Would you judge her? I need honesty please

UNITED STATES / JUL 1, 2018 11:27 AM EST

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Trump gave Kim Jong Un the valuable gift of legitimacy in exchange for empty promises on a piece of paper. It’s a bad deal. But Trump made this deal because he’s desperate to distract from all his scandals & failures here at home.

UNITED STATES / JUN 13, 2018 11:11 AM EST

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We can safely assume that Trump hasn't achieved anything worthwhile. Leave it to Trump to come home without a deal whatsoever. The mountain brought forth a mouse.

UNITED STATES / JUN 12, 2018 12:32 PM EST

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Photo opps mean nothing. This is the same agreement Kim has made and recanted multiple times. We gave up military exercises with zero guarantee of denuclearization. Art of the Deal, my A$$. Kim owned Donny

UNITED STATES / JUN 12, 2018 11:34 AM EST

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So here's the deal, Canada claims conservative deep in Ontario's shopping & restaurant districts. Big conservative issue in Canada is national health care no longer pays kids $2000 each time they watch gay pórn ... oh yeah, SURE NO AGENDAS THERE!!


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I wonder where is "little Ashley" that 13 yr old girl 😳 who seeks our collective wisdom 👥👷👳🎅🕵👧👦👶 👤on how to deal with aggressive, mean, isrespectful and "rape-cultured" "ll hands" boyfriend ... nd Asley needs our help with parents who never understand 👪 We all hope shes okay!!✌👇☝👈 peace out Ashley🍔🍟


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okay tell me if i’m being over dramatic, is a six month anniversary just as important as a one year anniversary? so today is my 6 month anniversary with my boyfriend and i was expecting us to hang out or go out or something be ya know half a year but he said that it’s not that big of a deal and is making me seem like i’m over exaggerating am i?

UNITED STATES / MAY 30, 2018 1:34 AM EST

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How to deal with period cramps other than killing yourself?

UNITED STATES / MAY 27, 2018 1:38 PM EST

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how can i deal with a bunch of inconsiderate jackasses who cant make up their damn minds

UNITED STATES / MAY 26, 2018 11:15 PM EST

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Justcurio News Network: Donald Trump cancels meeting with the North Korean government over their nuclear deals. Wouldn’t you agree that Don the Con is a pussy ass bitch?

UNITED STATES / MAY 24, 2018 1:39 PM EST

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Part-1) for Soh, ... hey Soh that is yoy... you want to know something about male sexuality that most girls don't know?? Most men have a sort of ideal girl/image ...that if they are asked "what's your dream girl look like" ...they describe their fantasy girl... wait for part2

UNITED STATES / MAY 23, 2018 3:06 PM EST

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New leaks reveal that Melania was the confidential informant. After leaks of Trumps various affairs and the Hollywood Access tapes, she approached the FBI with an offer to supply information on Drumpf's business dealings.

UNITED STATES / MAY 17, 2018 10:42 PM EST

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Hahaha No Nobel Prize for The art of the deal Donny?!

UNITED STATES / MAY 16, 2018 9:59 AM EST

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