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My 626 pound wold really like to give birth at home. In fact she is considering a water birth. They say it is less traumatic for both the baby and the mother. Unfortunately given her size, her OBGYN will insist she give birth in the hospital. I have mixed feelings about this. I want to make her happy but I want her to be as safe and well cared for as possible. Any thoughts? Serious answers please.

UNITED STATES / OCT 18, 2017 1:43 AM EST

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i am feeling trapped, but i have no idea where. is anyone else feeling this? maybe im traped in the same day over and over, or in my head, or its this small world. someone please give me advice, i cant get out. please help, anyone?

UNITED STATES / OCT 15, 2017 6:19 AM EST

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How do I stop having feelings for her but still be friends without it being weird

UNITED STATES / OCT 12, 2017 8:02 PM EST

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I am at a point in my life where many things are in transition. Location, career, purpose, goals, people, and more. Feeling nostalgic and wanting to revisit thing I used to be familiar with when so many current and future aspects of my life are new or indeterminate, I decided to come back to some old sites from my past, namely JC and GP, and a couple unrelated ones. Very surprised by the reaction on GP, won’t be posting there anymore. 1/2

UNITED STATES / OCT 12, 2017 1:20 PM EST

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I just wish I had someone to cuddle with and watch movies on the couch with and just dance around like an idiot with to old music and be able to hang out and discuss interests with and laugh together and smile together but sadly I am a 14 year old who (currently) identifies as lesbian and my feelings are invalid to most of my family and probably half the internet

UNITED STATES / OCT 9, 2017 10:13 PM EST

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I don't have a good reason to have this lingering sense of uneasiness and anxiety. I stress over something that should be easily solved and dismissed, but no matter how much I try, there's still this feeling in my gut. How do I get rid of it?

UNITED STATES / OCT 9, 2017 12:21 PM EST

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Hello. Looking for legit advice here. So, I have feelings for people. But I spend/have spent so much time on the internet I've just kind of ended up accepting that any emotions I feel are invalid or that true love exists or that I have to follow specific rules otherwise I'm not actually feeling what I am? I don't know if that makes sense but I'm just really confused and I could use some good advice. Thanks in advance.


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I've always considered myself Goth but recently I've been having doubts if I am or if I'm just a "creepy girl." I can't afford to dress Goth and I haven't listened to EVERY single Goth band in existence but I'd always thought of Goth as more of a state of being and feeling. Like, who you are as a person. I'm dark and macabre and I love all things spooky. I guess all this boils down to is would I be considered Goth or just a "creepy girl?"


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Cognitive ~ Experiential Domain... this domain focuses on cognition and subjective experiences.... conscious thought, feelings, beliefs, and desires about oneself and others. This includes our feelings of self, identity, self esteem, our goals, plans, annnnd our emotions. Yup!


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so i am a virgin and i don’t normally do a lot with guys but I was at a party and ended making out with one guy+ have him a hj then i slept by another guys house and ended taking advantage of him by letting him take advantage of me because i was drunk and insecure and atm this is the biggest regret of my life, how do i stop feeling so terrible ?


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Registered republican, it'd be screaming headline news. Some kind of white supremacy retard? same thing. Bet that this scumbag is a registered dem and had some kind of butthurtedness over trump, or the right or some sort of leftist crap in his background. I'm not feeling a Muslim angle here, although that might ultimately end up being true, we just don't know much right now.


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I am together with my boyfriend for 6 months, but i think i’m Starting to get feelings for this other boy in my class. What should i do? -TinyMarshellow

UNITED STATES / SEP 29, 2017 2:37 PM EST

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A girl who i am dating for a few years now cheated at a low point (allegedly only a coffee date). She met this guy at her good friend's daughter's birthday. The questions is, her friend is getting married now and that guy will be the best man. I cant make the weekday wedding. I can't ask my gf to not attend, but am i right feeling a little uneasy about it? If i went, i would probably have to confront the guy, as i feel ignoring him would be weak.

UNITED STATES / SEP 27, 2017 2:30 AM EST

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Ive heard many adults downplay or dismiss the romantic feelings of children. Is there an actual neurological or chemical difference between the child or adolescent brain and the adult brain in this regard? Or is it just the lower long-term planning ability of children that makes whatever they think or say less valid?

UNITED STATES / SEP 27, 2017 11:57 AM EST

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There is a guy at my school who beat me up with his friends while i was alone. They ganged up on me. And now everyone makes fun of me for getting my ass beat. I sooooo want to get a pistol and shoot the kid along with his girlfriend and her friends too. I fking cant bear to watch them smile and be happy. The thought of his brain spilling while his girlfriend screams gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Is this feeling normal? And should i get help from a psychologist?

UNITED STATES / SEP 27, 2017 8:18 AM EST

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How do you let a negro know they are sub human without hurting their negro feelings?

UNITED STATES / SEP 21, 2017 3:26 PM EST

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What is the meaning if my crush blocked me in instagram for finding out that i am crushing on her but not in facebook? Ps- I only confessed my feelings in facebook after she blocked me in instagram. Please don't ask me to confess in person because i am a shy introvert !

INDONESIA / SEP 21, 2017 3:02 PM EST

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I have been with my boyfriend for a year now, and I do love him. But lately he's just stopped trying. He's always working and we barely talk, even when he's off work. I have a friend I've recently gotten feelings for, and he's the same for me. It's obvious. What do I do?

UNITED STATES / SEP 19, 2017 10:43 PM EST

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Is it weird that sometimes when I'm really hrony, I crouch down and place my heel on my vajina, then watch some hnetai and rub my heel against my vajina, and that way I get a real nice feeling that makes my vajina go stiff and my leg numb, and I feel like how I feel when I come?

UNITED STATES / SEP 15, 2017 5:26 PM EST

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So I just started dating this girl. I found out she liked me through my friends and I kind of liked her too. I only knew her on snapchat, I'd never met her and I just did today. I didn't know 100 percent what she looked like or anything but when I met her she wasn't very attractive. She also was pretty boring and I'm not very happy with the relationship. What do I do? I don't want to hurt her feelings cause she has depression and stuff, but she just isnt for me.

UNITED STATES / SEP 15, 2017 2:48 PM EST

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