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Why does Donald Trump love little boys? Because his hands look massive when he's holding their tiny little сocks.

UNITED STATES / AUG 17, 2019 2:45 PM EST

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I may decide to die by soh's hand

UNITED STATES / AUG 17, 2019 9:36 AM EST

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Nazis are murdering people, farmers are going broke & the arctic is melting. Maybe next time let's not hand the world's most difficult job to a toxic moron lost & wandering in a haze of dementia & untreated tertiary syphilis who can't even spell his own fuking name.

UNITED STATES / AUG 16, 2019 4:15 PM EST

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When balling, how do you pull your pole out? Have a hand on it and aim or just yank that hog leg out and let it fire at will?

UNITED STATES / AUG 13, 2019 4:49 PM EST

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Putin and other freakshows like Kim have a free hand to do whatever they want while Cadet Bone Spurs is in office, As long as they give him the occasional love letter, he will overlook anything. He's simple-minded and gullible, just like his followers.

UNITED STATES / AUG 12, 2019 6:26 PM EST

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Loved my time in Chile. I managed to spend some quality time with a lovely little 8 year old girl. In exchange for just 40 USD she sucked me off and swallowed. She was extremely skilled and gently erected my čock with her tiny little hands. Then she patiently sucked until I came in her. She swallowed my load very elegantly and then sweetly took the money in a way that didn't make it feel like a business transaction. MAURITIUS / JUL 27, 2018 7:46 AM EST

UNITED STATES / AUG 11, 2019 10:43 AM EST

» 3 answers

How many strokes can your current pussy tube handle before it begins to get sore amen?


» 6 answers

What should you do if your mother found out that you’re reading Yaoi? I am only 15 and when my mother was looking at my stuff, she opened a Yaoi magazine full of those scenes. How do you handle this situation?


» 1 answer

Well say for instance i say you are a cunt. Whilst its true, you are a cunt. Calling you one is considered a personal attack by the rules at hand set forth by our supreme leader Izzy. Uniballer is such a brave faggot.


» 3 answers

Women are like parking spots. Usually, the best ones are taken. So when no one is looking, stick it in a handicapped.

UNITED STATES / AUG 4, 2019 10:44 AM EST

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El Paso shooter’s Manifesto, shooting was in response to Hispanic “invasion” of Texas. Trump has blood on his tiny hands!

CANADA / AUG 3, 2019 5:55 PM EST

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Trump hater once said that Trump "sounds like a 5 year old who was caught with his tiny hands in the cookie jar". But to me he sounds more like a 71 year old who was caught with his tiny hands in a 7 year old's panties. What do you reckon?

UNITED STATES / OCT 11, 2018 9:39 AM EST

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Trumphater will now do an interpretive dance: boomba.. ooompah oompah... booomba thud, crash!! Ooompah.. boombah.. urine... thud crash bam bam thud...screeech (sweaty fat slides in linoleum floor) .. tap tapappapt... tapa...tap tap rat tat tat... LET'S GIVE BIG HAND TO TRUMPHATER AND HIS "DANCE OF SHAME'

UNITED STATES / OCT 11, 2018 8:49 AM EST

» 13 answers

Ahhhhooouuuuggggaaaahhhh... now hear this!! Alert!, alert!... incoming transmission from Zeta Reticuli 1 & 2 ... .. all hands listen up... "Trumphater will now explain his posts of 23 days ago, and 10 days ago and 6 days ago where he used "geometric logic" to prove .. Kavanagh can not and will not EVER GET confirmed!!... explain that again RumpBater

UNITED STATES / OCT 8, 2018 10:55 AM EST

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Republicans believe that power belongs in the hands of a few old, rich, white men. They think America is theirs, not the people's. They are a self-indulgent collection of dinosaurs. Vote them out of power, and take the country back. Make democracy about democracy again.


» 10 answers

Clinton lied about cheating on that ugly bitch of a wife Clinton, which is absolutely understandable if he didn’t do it under oath. Trump, on the other hand, lies about more serious matters that involve corrupt turd-world Nations, racist Nazis, and a possible stolen election that would make Bush look like a saint. Impeachment is necessary.

UNITED STATES / SEP 28, 2018 1:30 PM EST

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We are now witnessing first hand the DOWNFALL OF DEMOCRACY by the refusal of Republicans to fully investigate the Kavanaugh case. We are NO LONGER a fair and equal people. Welcome to Trumpland.

UNITED STATES / SEP 28, 2018 10:39 AM EST

» 4 answers

Mental handicap, put down your drool-bucket and answer this: Why do you fell compelled to inflict your tardism on the planet?

UNITED STATES / SEP 27, 2018 3:01 AM EST

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what is the most silent way to die? just curious about it. Without pain? Is that even possible? how can you even use your bare hands? Its confusing on how long you can suffocate yourself

UNITED STATES / SEP 23, 2018 11:20 PM EST

» 2 answers

The blatent corruption of trump's party is overwhelming. We haven't known how to handle such heavy corruption from just one side & so many ppl adhereing to the lies & BS trump's followers keep tossing out into the public. It's like a continual nightmare for honest ppl.

UNITED STATES / SEP 21, 2018 3:23 PM EST

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