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I'm a freshie who likes a sophmore. I met him through a summer class, but we don t really talk. He says "Hi (insert name)" to me a lot, and I just respond with a quiet "Hi" and a wave since I m a pretty shy person. We occasionally have a small conversation, but after summer we had no interaction whatsoever. We also have no classes together and since we don't have the same interests, we probably won't do the same extracurriculars. He's a pretty good person, but I have no idea what to do.

UNITED STATES / AUG 20, 2017 7:53 AM EST

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I Recently got this girlfriend and she's great but her job is a 'dominionatrix' where she dresses up as a minion and whips people and she says 'it's not sexual, it's just that I'm only 8 years old and this is the only why Daddy taught me' but I find the whole idea just really weird, am I right or is she and is it normal for an 8 year old girl to behave like this?

UNITED STATES / AUG 18, 2017 4:35 PM EST

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Recently I got this girlfriend and she's great but her job is a 'dominionatrix' where she dresses up as a minion and whips people and she says 'it's not sexual, it's my job' but I find the whole idea just really weird, am I right or is she?

GERMANY / AUG 18, 2017 2:59 PM EST

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I just came up with a great idea that will allow me to read and respond to messages smoothly: scotch

UNITED STATES / AUG 17, 2017 3:50 AM EST

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whenever i am near fire, i feel some sort of life force pulsating from it. does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

UNITED STATES / AUG 14, 2017 10:38 AM EST

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My 600lb wife told me this morning that she has never in her life seen her Hoo-Ha. She has no idea what it looks like. She wants me to take a pic and show it to her. Question is should I just let her use a selfie stick or should I just shoot the pic myself?


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Is it a bad idea to write agnostic on my sweatshirt? I dont want to get beat up but i also think its a cool metaphoric thing to write


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I think I accidentally sent a snapchat vid of me moaning while choking the chicken to someone. Any ideas on how to recover if I completely destroy this relationship and overcome the gossip about it?


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I have a whole ass load of interviews today for a personal assistant for my 600lb wife. The last one I hired didn't work out too well. I guess I didn't vet her enough. I need some good questions to ask potential applicants. Does anyone have any ideas on what to ask?

UNITED STATES / AUG 3, 2017 10:09 AM EST

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Why do .gifs lose their framerate when downloaded? The .gifs I download run fine when viewed in the browser or apps but when downloaded and viewed in my gallery, their framerate dies to something out of a Matrix movie during the slowmo scenes. Any ideas?

UNITED STATES / JUL 24, 2017 11:19 PM EST

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So I have this friend I really like. He hasn't tried to contact me for over a month, and he never answers when I call. I miss him, and I want to be able to talk to him again. I have no idea what is going on, I just need advice on what to do.

UNITED STATES / JUL 16, 2017 8:46 PM EST

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A Seattle councilman has come out against an effort to hose sidewalks to wash human excrement off outside local courthouse, claiming it’s racist. Councilmember Larry Gossett objected to the idea of power-washing the sidewalks in the troubled area because it brings back the images of police using hoses against civil-rights activists.

UNITED STATES / JUL 15, 2017 8:47 PM EST

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I am struggling to think of what laws might be different, how politics will have changed and what behaviours people will portray in the future. My question does not require a factual answer, as there is not one, I am simply looking for someone's honest opinions and ideas on the subject, even if they are vague. Thank you for your time.

UNITED STATES / JUL 13, 2017 9:57 AM EST

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I plan on sending a letter to the neighbors because they won't stop fighting and I can unintentionally hear them through the walls. Is this a good idea? I don't want them to respond violently to anyone in the building, but I want them to stop fighting, or at the very least quiet down so I can't hear them.

UNITED STATES / JUL 11, 2017 9:27 AM EST

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I'm hungry, any ideas on what to make? :D

FRANCE / JUL 8, 2017 7:38 AM EST

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I do 2d animation (drawing frame by frame) as a hobby. But... what should I animate? Anything at all... ideas?


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I need an opinion: my boyfriend of 1 year broke up with me because we're 16 and he said he gets nervous about long term relationships and I get it but he said we can still be physical. GOOD OR BAD IDEA?! He's a sweet guy and I'm not just saying that, I known him for 2 years and everyone he knows say so he's sweet too. Am I just a dumb hoe

UNITED STATES / JUL 4, 2017 12:39 PM EST

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I have an idea, why don't we ban all religion and profit and make everyone share the wealth, If they don't obey they get executed. Who's with me?!


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Is it a bad idea to befriend a long haul trucker

UNITED STATES / JUN 30, 2017 3:23 PM EST

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How you contact with the guys created that platform? The e-mail in "ABOUT" doesn't work... Any ideas?

UNITED STATES / JUN 28, 2017 11:34 AM EST

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