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my boyfriend and i (16) want to have sex. but i've made a promise to my friend to wait until marriage... he knows about this promise too but we both don't want to wait. should i have sex or keep my friend's promise?

SOUTH AFRICA / APR 15, 2018 8:21 AM EST

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I like this guy we’re vibing a whole lot but he’s got a gf he’s been wanting to break up with her for a long time now but he doesn’t have the balls to do it and she knows he wants to break up with her but there still together .. do I continue talking to him even though he’s got this gf ? Yes or no?

UNITED STATES / APR 8, 2018 10:48 PM EST

» 2 answers

I checked out (yes, stalked) my crush's profile on our school website and I left the tab open by accident and the next time i opened my laptop he probably saw the tab and knows I was stalking him. How can I know for sure if he saw and how do I salvage the situation?

UNITED STATES / APR 8, 2018 10:34 AM EST

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My boyfriend grabbed my stomach today and said, “look babe, your boobs are growing” he knows I’m self conscious about my tummy, it’s not as flat as I want it to be. This really hurt my feelings and he says I am over reacting when I expressed that I was upset, am I?

UNITED STATES / MAR 31, 2018 7:40 PM EST

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Why is Santa always so jolly? Because he knows where all the naughty girls live ;) - If your posting a festive joke when its not the season, AT LEAST MAKE IT A GOOD ONE!

UNITED STATES / MAR 27, 2018 4:06 PM EST

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I really like a boy, but I’m not even sure he knows my name. He has a girlfriend, he’s “popular,” and he’s just overall hot. I’m sure a lot of girls like him. But all I can do is stare at him in 3rd period. (I can’t in 4th because he sits behind me, what a pity.) What should I do?

UNITED STATES / MAR 24, 2018 12:20 PM EST

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Oi. Can all of you weird people leave- no one wants to hear how you found a fat girl. Everyone knows you are just boasting about your accomplishments. Good job, you can do anything any other male can do. Congrats for just realizing. Now could you shut up. Thnx.

UNITED STATES / MAR 19, 2018 10:39 PM EST

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Got to see my Bella today.. My lol girl still knows me and loves me!!! Or maybe it’s just the treats I brought her she loves... Anyswaay

UNITED STATES / MAR 12, 2018 6:01 PM EST

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Steven Beerсock on his “artwork”: If Thatcher can get a statue erected in honour of fuсk knows what, and Obama can get a Nobel just for being black, I reckon *I* can get in The Louvre Museum for my paintings of prepubescent boys being raped. ITALY/Mar 07, 2018 08:24 AM

UNITED STATES / MAR 7, 2018 10:59 AM EST

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Italy on his “artwork”: If Thatcher can get a statue erected in honour of fuсk knows what, and Obama can get a Nobel just for being black, I reckon *I* can get in The Louvre Museum. ITALY/Mar 07, 2018 08:24 AM

UNITED STATES / MAR 7, 2018 10:29 AM EST

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I had this idea of expanding my social circle and there is this girl. She is popular but doesn't hang out with all the populars. She seems like a really good girl to hang out and have fun with. But we have like never talk, we have the same lesson once a week so she knows my existence. My friend and her had done some kind of a history project together(with a large group) in the near past. I don't know like what to do. PS: just going and saying hey won't be a good idea

UNITED STATES / FEB 27, 2018 11:39 AM EST

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She make exuecs for him just like my mother my wife gets pissed she here she tells what make what he didn't any different from u 1. I ve never hurt u as bad as he did she 2. I say I'm sorry I knows it's wrong and don't do hit u ever single day 3.i actually love u it's not a fooled co depenice 4. I have a heart and u can't c m trying to better myself then leave no matter what I can better myself

UNITED STATES / FEB 23, 2018 12:35 PM EST

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Oh course. Anyone with two brains cells knows that. The whole birther lie was racist. The Central Park 5 ... look it up.

UNITED STATES / JAN 21, 2018 6:22 PM EST

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Toronto police say an incident involving an 11-year-old girl who claimed to have her hijab cut by a stranger on the street, "did not happen." “We had, as everyone knows, allegations of an extremely serious crime on Friday which we investigated -- we had a team of investigators who put together a significant amount of evidence and they came to the conclusion that the events that were alleged did not happen,” Pugash said.

UNITED STATES / JAN 15, 2018 5:00 PM EST

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Recently I found out that a guy likes me and everyone knows about it except me. Even his father who is in college management knows it, I find it extremely weird that he has told everyone about it but me. It's not I am interested in him, I think it's just weird or is that what guys do.


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Everyone knows that small hands are generally equated with a small phallus.


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Okay, so i wanna talk to this cute chick, but how do i start? She's at my school and stuff but like intimidating to me tbh also im a chick and i think she knows i have a crush on her sooo :/ should i even try like

UNITED STATES / DEC 5, 2017 10:07 PM EST

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I suspect the FFC thinks he KNOWS me so FÛCKING well.. Not!! 🖕🏼😝🖕🏼


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Its my last year of High school and I want to know if my chem teacher likes me. He talkes to all the girls but he becomes really silent around me, he looks at me differently from others, he even ignores me while he never ignores anyone else. Maybe he knows I like him too but I don't realy make it obvious and I flirt with other guys in his presence. DOES HE LIKE ME? i just want to be sure,neither him or me is going to act on it

INDIA / NOV 10, 2017 4:40 AM EST

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Would you date a girl from russia, even if she knows only a little english?


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