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Broc, tomato, red pepper, avocado, evoo, red onion... green tea. Ugh, so sick of food. So tired of EATING!! marking me sick.. making me vomit. Blah, I eat my dinner in the bathtub then I go to sex clubs, watching freaky ppl gettin it on. No it doesn’t make me nervous, if anything, I’m restless..

UNITED STATES / JAN 25, 2020 7:42 PM EST

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Steven Beerсock wrote this. You, like that soxiopath pal of ypurs, Trump, do nothing but lie and deny. I repeat, the people here are not stupid and many of them have seen your posts over the years. They know. All the denials in the world won't change that. It's not like I was the only one whose real name you enjoyed repeating along with foul claims. Iz, Soh, Neth and others' real names were often mentioned by you. You pass your time making people who

UNITED STATES / JAN 10, 2020 8:28 AM EST

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should I tell my parents I'm making thousands of dollars of bitcoin daily illegally 1) I can tell them now 2) I can tell them after I quit 3) I can never tell them

UNITED STATES / DEC 28, 2019 7:26 PM EST

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Well done the EFL for making an absolute mockery of the League Cup by forcing Liverpool to play on this date. Embarrassing that it couldn't be arranged at another date to give both teams a fair chance.

UNITED STATES / DEC 17, 2019 3:37 PM EST

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Does anyone have recipe for makings of halo halo?

UNITED STATES / DEC 16, 2019 12:30 PM EST

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 So, Has anyone found any evidence against trump? I think it is possible the man could go down as only the 2nd perfect person ro ever walk the earth. And he is our president making and keeping America great!

UNITED STATES / DEC 15, 2019 11:23 AM EST

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Dear President Trump, we are your servants and you our supreme ruler and God on this Earth. We humbly ask that you sign an executive order making it legal to molest woman and grab them whenever and wherever we want. #MAGAFOREVER.

UNITED STATES / DEC 14, 2019 11:14 AM EST

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Trump promises made, Promises Kept: ✅White Supremacy ✅Racism ✅Sexism ✅Corruption ✅ Making money off the White House ✅ Destroying US Constitution.

UNITED STATES / DEC 12, 2019 10:00 PM EST

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There's something solid forming in the air And the wall of death is lowered in Times Square No one seems to care They carry on as if nothing was there The wind is blowing harder now Blowing dust into my eyes The dust settles on my skin Making a crust I cannot move in


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Making an omelette is simple! 1. Cut off Soh's head and remove the eyeballs. 2. Place eyeballs in a bag and stuff them into Soh's body cavity. 3. Wrap a piece of bacon around Soh's body and put it in the oven at 225 degrees for 8-10 minutes. 4. When ready, remove the eyes and bacon from Soh and serve. 6. Bake Soh at 375 degrees for another 3-4 minutes. 7. Eat, I guess. I'm not really sure why I haven't had an omelet yet.

UNITED STATES / NOV 14, 2019 1:39 AM EST

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Trump is a manbaby. So clearly triggered. Terrified. Panicked. Desperate. Vomiting up Hail Marys. If I were him I'd be making sure I have the best lawyers & the best case (not the dumbest), bc he is headed to impeachment hearings & a trial and then prison.

UNITED STATES / NOV 11, 2019 12:03 PM EST

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Since Trump was elected, Democrats have flipped Nine governorships, taken both chambers of Virginia state legislature for first time in two decades and won the House of Representatives in 2018. Donald Trump is truly Making the Democratic Party Great Again!!


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Trump's impeachment is making the market hit highs. Awesome! Can't wait to see what his removal from office does.

UNITED STATES / NOV 6, 2019 11:51 AM EST

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See where the mods *over there* were making fun of some old guy (gal) I am sure there is an older person there but don't know how old they really are. They seem to remember quite a way back.


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Is there a reason why so many (particularly American and Australian) women under 40 seem to raise their intonation at the end of an affirmative statement making it sound like a question?

UNITED STATES / OCT 24, 2019 10:14 AM EST

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I'm glad Trump is a business man making this country great again while not even taking a wage, because I hate politicians

UNITED STATES / OCT 22, 2019 12:07 PM EST

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I want to start making focaccia again..

UNITED STATES / OCT 20, 2019 5:55 PM EST

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That's not half as annoying as the way so many (particularly American and Australian) women under 40 seem to raise their intonation at the end of an affirmative statement making it sound like a question. Makes me want to go cull a reasonable number of baby seals for a week. Steven Beercock, Italy

UNITED STATES / OCT 17, 2019 7:28 AM EST

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I had an extremely erotic lovemaking session last night

UNITED STATES / OCT 16, 2019 3:31 PM EST

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The video making the rounds that was shown at mar-a-lago of Trump killing all his critics is so evil and irresponsible, not to mention immature, it’s truly beyond words. Trump is inciting violence again. In a fuсking Church!

UNITED STATES / OCT 14, 2019 9:00 AM EST

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