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Anywsy, I was told you .. well, I was thinking since you mentioned Skype you wouldn’t mind showing me a picture of you.. Of course privately via ProtonMail.. What do you think?

UNITED STATES / JAN 17, 2018 6:05 PM EST

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Hey. If anybody out there is an experienced tennis player or coach can you answer this? I am 13. I have been playing tennis for about 5-6 years. The past 2 years I have been playing everyday for about 1.5hours and I have 2 private lessons a week on top of that. I haven't been playing in many tournaments lately. Do think I have a chance of going pro? Not even necessarily an amazing one

UNITED STATES / JAN 16, 2018 8:06 PM EST

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Darlings, I like how you’re all playing nicely, talking politics. This has been going on for a while now and though I’m not exactly following what you’re posting and responding to, it’s so much nicer than hitting the farm up w loads of spam and mean, nasty and evil comments! 😘

UNITED STATES / JAN 16, 2018 2:12 PM EST

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I slipped and fell onto a nine inch dildo that totally isn't mine and I have no idea how it got into my apartment. What do I do?

UNITED STATES / JAN 16, 2018 2:01 PM EST

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asking random questions cause I have too much time on my hands. looking back on responses with amusement. watching people wreck each other. wow this website is great.

UNITED STATES / JAN 14, 2018 10:33 PM EST

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Nowadays you can’t really meet a nice girl at a coffee shop anymore or just bump into a person and accidentally meet them every time your out some where. Will anyone ever love a person like me? Is it wrong for me to crave a such a women in my life even though I’m not suitable for a person such as that? I know it’s a desperate cry for help but please answer.

UNITED STATES / JAN 14, 2018 9:51 PM EST

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To all the women and young ladies out there; these questions are for you. I am a 21 year old man with cancer and never had a chance at love and I’m not to handsome or cute. I have bad communication skill and I’m very shy. Will you still date me? I was diagnosed with cancer after I graduated high school so I don’t drive or go to college I’m basically a nobody and I want to change. Is it wrong for me to look for someone to have by my side to push me further to make me want to change?

UNITED STATES / JAN 14, 2018 9:42 PM EST

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I like this guy on a Discord server, we talked a lot, and I started to like him. When he showed interest in me I outright told him I wasn’t interested, because I couldn’t stand the embarrassment. Now I regret it because he found another girl and they like each other a lot what should I do?

UNITED STATES / JAN 13, 2018 10:21 PM EST

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Do yall consider average(6-6.5in length, 5in girth)too small for women? would it please someone who has had bigger?

GERMANY / JAN 13, 2018 5:49 PM EST

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Anyone who thinks Donald Trump is mentally efficient is mentally deficient. 😅

UNITED STATES / JAN 13, 2018 1:44 PM EST

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What are you doing at the moment?

UNITED STATES / JAN 12, 2018 7:15 PM EST

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Could a radical nationalist or communist ever take over the government in the Philippines by pretending to be more moderate?

UNITED STATES / JAN 12, 2018 1:10 PM EST

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Is my other self in another dimension dreaming about this

UNITED STATES / JAN 11, 2018 5:50 PM EST

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If I'm a hoe and I sleep around a lot for quick money. I have to 2 kids that I haven't seen in 2 yrs but I want them back and I've been working hard to get them....If you are somebody who's a close friend/relative and we get in a argument..Is it ok or wrong for u to say I aint ever gonna be anything in life and throw up me losing my kids? Do I have the right to be offended or or no because at the end of the day everybody haves to lie in the bed they made for themselves?

UNITED STATES / JAN 10, 2018 2:49 PM EST

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I colleague in her mid thirties was sat carelessly when wearing a short skirt and I took the opportunity to have a good look at her panties. She was wearing a white and pink thong with "Daddy's little princes" written across the front. I found her underwear to be really weird. Do you think that a woman would have to be mentally ill to buy panties like this?

UNITED STATES / JAN 10, 2018 8:12 AM EST

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Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belt while your pilot, Trayvon, who graduated in the bottom 10% of his class and could not pass our employment exam, attempts to fly the plane.


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Recently I found out that a guy likes me and everyone knows about it except me. Even his father who is in college management knows it, I find it extremely weird that he has told everyone about it but me. It's not I am interested in him, I think it's just weird or is that what guys do.


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Should I supplement my major with practical skills? I'm researching jobs I can get with my linguistics major, and I can't find any high paying ones. I really want to learn linguistics because it's interesting to me. I also really want to study Japanese and my linguistics major allows me to do that. However, I don't want to graduate college and be working a minimum wage job. Should I just focus on my studies at college or should I try to do college and learn a practical skill?

CANADA / JAN 8, 2018 1:10 AM EST

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Hundreds of wise men cannot make the world a heaven, but one “like, reallly smart, stable genius” - is enough to turn it into a hell.


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Does soh still post here? I wanted to be your penpal but I accidentally lost my account info so I couldn't log in to it again. I made a new account if you're still interested: penpaljcgp@protonmail.com. Aside from this, I don't post here because there are a lot of inappropriate comments from trolls.


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