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People still wonder how something like the Holocaust could ever happen in a modern society.


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It's natures way you somethings wrong


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There's something solid forming in the air And the wall of death is lowered in Times Square No one seems to care They carry on as if nothing was there The wind is blowing harder now Blowing dust into my eyes The dust settles on my skin Making a crust I cannot move in


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The past few days have been good ones. We have had a lovely Saturday at home, had many Italian cakes, and at 9 p.m. we were listening to the Spanish On the Road radio. I have been studying all sorts of writings and history for the past twenty-four hours. I am experiencing something of a Zen-like state, not of the focused concentration I had sought for over an entire year. I do not know how long this will last. My vision is not blurry, and I have not lost my breath.


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Uni you banned again? Italy is gloating over something.

UNITED STATES / NOV 28, 2019 6:54 PM EST

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Happy Thanksgiving! Even you trump supporters. I hope EVERYONE can put away their differences for one day and enjoy this day! We all have something to be thankful for.

UNITED STATES / NOV 28, 2019 10:59 AM EST

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A Florida man was arrested for tranquilizing alligators in the Everglades and raping them. 57-year-old Shawn Kilums, who was high on crystal meth, claimed he was possessed by the late Steve Irwin. Bollocks. Irwin was fuсked by a stingray.

UNITED STATES / NOV 27, 2019 1:31 AM EST

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And a yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!! Arg! *c’mere ya moo, gotta tell yer something.. no, darling... come *pats sofa..closer. 🤗

UNITED STATES / NOV 25, 2019 12:17 PM EST

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When the Democrats acuse Sir Donnald Trump of something, his answer is never a lie or a cover up. It is the Truth from now on to me. All past accusations have been false and I had been mislead by the Dems lies and antics. IM SO SORRY!

UNITED STATES / NOV 22, 2019 11:40 PM EST

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It’s shocking how Trump lies about little stupid things like hanging a picture in an embassy. It’s even more shocking no one is surprised he would lie about something so small. It’s even more shocking his base does not care about his little lies or his big ones.

UNITED STATES / NOV 22, 2019 12:46 PM EST

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Are the Democrats high or something? No one is guilty and needs to prove they're innocent in court.

UNITED STATES / NOV 21, 2019 11:52 PM EST

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I got you something nice.. 🤗

UNITED STATES / NOV 21, 2019 9:05 PM EST

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What happened with fart gate? Was it really a coffee cup cup sliding across a desk or was it something more sinister?

UNITED STATES / NOV 21, 2019 8:00 PM EST

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People holding something kill people. Does that mean everything in our hands are weapons? Want to ban spoons, forks and kitchen knives too? How about banning a plastic bag that is used for garbage. Want to ban that too? Democrats are just flat out retarded. Bad people kill people. That's the gist of it. No amount of banning things is going to stop anything. Bad people will get ahold of it. UNITED STATES / NOV 21, 2019 1:35 PM EST NlGGER CUNT

UNITED STATES / NOV 21, 2019 1:38 PM EST

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Ok, so it’s getting colder, yeah.. You know the drill. I tell you each year, ask rather.. I ask you guys.. my hands get super dry, can crack and bleed at times if I don’t take care.. I don’t mind fragrance, but would prefer something w out it. I’ve just tried Vaseline Clinical care w barrier repair complex and hyaluronic (hi ya:) acid booster... eh, nothing great..

UNITED STATES / NOV 18, 2019 1:28 AM EST

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Who else is Jewish? Being the only Jew is a mainly Christian society is fine, but a bit lonely sometimes. So who's ready for Hanukkah!?! 😊🥰️✡️🕎

UNITED STATES / NOV 18, 2019 9:06 PM EST

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Impeachment Panic Syndrome (IPS) Symptoms Constant crying Screaming Whimpering sometimes can last for 18 hours a day patient my also show symptoms of loopus Rantus (LR) symptoms include saying the same thing over and over and over : cure none at this time apart from impeachment.

UNITED STATES / NOV 17, 2019 10:45 PM EST

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Anyway, I need to do something.

UNITED STATES / NOV 17, 2019 6:05 PM EST

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Remember the good old days when sometimes it wouldn't work so you had to hit the post button more than once and it posted multiple times.? Good times.!

UNITED STATES / NOV 15, 2019 5:27 PM EST

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How could someone say something so controversial, yet so brave?

UNITED STATES / NOV 15, 2019 4:18 AM EST

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