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I think Starbucks is for adult babies who need to load their coffee with so much cream, sugar, and God knows what else that it is unrecognizable as coffee anymore. In German they call that "kinderkaffee" - child coffee. I drink my coffee black and my brother bought me Starbucks once - it tasted like drinking a cigarette. I also tried their bottled mocha drink at the airport, it tasted like sour milk. I had to throw it out after the first sip.

UNITED STATES / FEB 10, 2017 7:26 AM EST

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Dove milk chocolates are on sale!! Quess where am goin? ☺️


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Think of all the cows that were raped to get milk for your morning bowl of cereal.

UNITED STATES / FEB 5, 2017 10:02 AM EST

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I have light ash brown hair naturally. How could I achieve a pastel brown, chocolate milk hair color?

UNITED STATES / DEC 23, 2016 1:54 AM EST

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Am stuffing me gob w a Russell Stover chocolate Santa truffle... it's covered in milk chocolate. Top that, bitches. ☺️

UNITED STATES / DEC 22, 2016 9:50 PM EST

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What if soy milk is just regular milk introducing itself in Spanish?

UNITED STATES / DEC 10, 2016 12:13 PM EST

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So I don't wanna go to the corner bodega anymore to pull out cash, cause, of course, there's ATM fees. I know, I'll go to the grocery store for milk and get cash back at the check out. Then it's off to do laundry. Then there's a late class this afternoon, then blah blah blah... whatcha doing today? How come you never tell me about your day?


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Hey guys, so I used to have VERY painful period cramps and I stopped drinking milk, and started working out and suddenly the pain just stopped. Anyone know why ?

TURKEY / DEC 6, 2016 2:47 AM EST

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Would you like some honey with that? It is bee-approved. Don't forget these. Milk, cream, cheese, it's all me. And I don't see a nickel! Sometimes I just feel like a piece of meat!

UNITED STATES / NOV 27, 2016 11:03 AM EST

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Sooo, thinking πŸ’­ cheese πŸ” and tater tots for dinner 🍴 what are you having?? I really want milkshake.. πŸ˜‹ A chocolate milkshake from McDonald's... πŸ€”


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My childhood fun was spraying the cats with milk straight from the cow's teat.

UNITED STATES / OCT 17, 2016 8:42 PM EST

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let's not argue tonight. 😊 I'm having my last cup of coffee β˜•οΈ with warmed foamed milk, so yummy πŸ˜‹ how are you doing? Did you have something nice to eat for dinner? I made mushroom barley soup 🍜 this afternoon. I've settled on my favorite beef broth for this soup, it's Swanson's. I think it yields silky smooth end results and the pearl barely plumps up nicely. Sleep 😴 well. 😚

UNITED STATES / OCT 3, 2016 10:21 PM EST

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should I boil my breast milk while still in the original container before giving to my child?

UNITED STATES / SEP 18, 2016 3:37 PM EST

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soh - ingredients: modified milk, modified meat

UNITED STATES / SEP 16, 2016 8:28 PM EST

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Hey soh - ingredients: modified milk, modified meat

UNITED STATES / SEP 15, 2016 2:55 AM EST

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Can I kill Beebo Urie and then steal his milk and fuk his boi ryan?


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UNITED STATES / JUL 18, 2016 4:07 AM EST

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I rescued a pregnant cat from the streets recently, she gave birth to all stillborns today. My question is, what will happen with her milk? Should I milk her or is she going to dispose of it naturally?

UNITED STATES / JUL 15, 2016 4:59 PM EST

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my nipples look like milk duds

UNITED STATES / JUN 12, 2016 2:41 AM EST

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Is Cameron the Child Snatcher worse than the milk thief Thatcher?

UNITED STATES / MAY 4, 2016 10:09 AM EST

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