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Little Mary Sue was wearing a skirt and climbing the school flag pole one morning. Little Jimmy was looking up her skirt. The principal yelled out to her, "Mary Sue, get down from there! Jimmy is going to see your underwear!" But Little Mary Sue knew that she wasn't wearing underwear.

UNITED STATES / JUN 21, 2018 1:54 PM EST

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UNITED STATES / JUN 21, 2018 11:52 AM EST

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It was about 6 o'clock in the morning and I thought to myself "oh my God, my going to be sick". I went up my hall and toilet seat was down. I realized that I wasn't going to get the seat up before I was sick so I was sick in the bath. As I was sick in the bath, I squirted šhit all up the wall behind me. I feel terrible and my girlfriend is so unsympathetic. How can I get my girlfriend so some whining at me and get on with her job of cleaning up.

UNITED STATES / JUN 15, 2018 6:58 AM EST

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Gracious, you guys... ☺️ The nicest woman came in this morning annd she smelled soooo incredibly nice a fresh and clean and watery like lillies and I just melted!! So nice, I asked what she was wearing and she wrote it down annd I was shocked it’s from Victoria Secret!! It’s like a very affordable body cream and body splash.. I’m tslking $5 affordable.. never was attracted to VS creams or sprays but this is so gorgeous.. *hsppy dance.

UNITED STATES / JUN 11, 2018 11:01 AM EST

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I am on my 3rd Das POOP time this morning. Is that normal?

UNITED STATES / MAY 25, 2018 10:28 AM EST

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So good morning, I hope ur all well and have a good day. Stuff to today.. I’ll finally do laundry annd hit up the post office. I have to send somtnhing.. 💋

UNITED STATES / MAY 21, 2018 10:01 AM EST

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Darliiings!! Good morning and salutations, 🤗 I have a good news. ☺️ You know I am ruthless, 😠.. I’m just after keeping tabs and chatting w USPS, I did file a claim w are lerrvly United States postal service, those moos...Anyway, I rang Peg and Awl annd spoke to someone l. She said she could totally send out a new 👜 tote!! Said that there wasn’t any in stock, they have to make it first.. Oh my gracious, I’m so happy, I could 😢

UNITED STATES / MAY 21, 2018 9:57 AM EST

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The Trump train will soon be derailing and the final race to destruction will begin bright and early Monday morning! Set your watches folks! This promises to be one of the biggest failures of any President in US history! YUUGE!

UNITED STATES / MAY 20, 2018 3:24 PM EST

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4 times since 2012 soh gives her full name 2012 Heidi Gertruda Buntmüeller; .. then in 2014) The Honorable Baronette Christina Prunella Marshlander (the HONORABLE.. hey soh, how was the royal wedding this morning, .. did you greet the queen mother., maybe MI6/007 can track down that tote? 2015) Sohoyjar Mohovoombah Parscuelnet of Pronlvince 7 Mining & Gems s3ctor.. . Then in ... . 2018) Altai-Hai Ling-Ling Verpeshuwung

UNITED STATES / MAY 19, 2018 1:46 PM EST

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So last night I was texting this girl and she said goodnight and that she would talk to me in the morning. The other morning she texted me first and so I was just assuming this morning would be the same. I was the last one to text her good night so idk if I should say hey or wait for her but it’s already the afternoon. So idk if she doesn’t want to talk to me or if she’s just waiting for me to text first. Someone help

/ MAY 2, 2018 5:57 PM EST

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Good morning, darlings.. ☺️ I’m going on an adventure today. Wyd right now? What’s up w you?? ☺️

UNITED STATES / APR 24, 2018 10:02 AM EST

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I am 13 years old. On Friday I got my first girlfriend and I really don’t want to mess this up because she’s perfect! We’ve talked over text everyday for the past few days and I spent a lot of time with her at school today. The question is, should I text her tonight to speak to her or just wait and see her in the morning? I don’t want to pester her but I don’t want to ghost either.


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Darlings, good morning.. ☺️

UNITED STATES / APR 16, 2018 8:35 AM EST

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I know it’s gross, but I’m gonna say it anyway!! 💋 I haven’t poo’d the past two to three days annd this morning, it was a lot!! 😂

UNITED STATES / APR 15, 2018 8:47 AM EST

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I'll be dead by tomorrow morning.

UNITED STATES / APR 10, 2018 12:39 PM EST

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Needs 🚿 and then thinking heating up left overs annnd then tossing out the ice cream I forgot on my desk last night I put it back in the freezer this morning but... ya know. It’s nog meant to be refrozen once it’s a soupy mess, soooo.. yup. Wyd??


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The willfully ignorant trumplodytes really DO think he makes the sun rise in the morning, don't they? How sad that grown men and women can't think for themselves and rely on this 'man' to tell them what they believe. The rest of us are appalled.


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I’ll tell you what happened this morning. Wanna here it?? I’ll tell ya anyway! Some dude was seriously hitting on me annd he gave me his number! This almost never happens, so I feel kinda good. 🙃

UNITED STATES / MAR 17, 2018 4:25 PM EST

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Trump tweeted WITCH HUNT right before his morning ritual of sacrificing a baby goat and poking pins in his stuffed Obama doll.

UNITED STATES / FEB 27, 2018 1:09 PM EST

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This is a story about a Religion named Islam Early morning, she Jihads up, Knock, knock, knock on the door, It's time for raping, perfect harem, It's you they're all waiting for They go Isn't she deadly, this Religion of Peace? And they say She's so peaceful, she's a star But she räpe, räpe, räpes in her terrorist heart, thinking If there's nothing missing in my Jihad Then why do these beheadings come at night?

UNITED STATES / FEB 26, 2018 7:26 PM EST

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