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I asked this question 2× in past 8 years, each time I was blocked from YouTube, google etc for 1 year. QUESTION: in 2010 2 min video posted on youtube, of Arizona mountain forest at evening; small white light, maybe 4 off ground moves among trees. Light seems attached to some sort of hazmat suit. Guy in suit is searching for something on ground. Helicopter with 1 white, is over trees. Why did asking about video get me & 2 other people blocked?

UNITED STATES / APR 19, 2018 6:29 AM EST

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Why do I have a mouchstash on only the left side? Yeees, I do either pluck or use a razor to remove it.

UNITED STATES / APR 16, 2018 9:39 PM EST

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I just moved into my first apartment 3rd floor, and I am in need of some furniture. (sofa, tables etc) Does anyone know a place which has good normal furniture, but is light weight so its not so difficult for someone to move? Thanks!

UNITED STATES / APR 14, 2018 7:52 PM EST

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Recently a muslim family moved into our neighborhood and i have never seen the community closer than before within a day by coincidence we all went to their home with gasoline and torches, it was such a heartwarming moment.


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A dude that skipped out on paying me money will be at an event thay I want to go to... how should I react to seeing him there? Ask for money? Confront him? Things didn't end well between us, he was an ex roommate & stopped paying bills so I had to move.


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Question about dating for a 24 year old. So I have never gotten past make out sessions with a female. No girlfriend, no sex. But I can't figure out why women never stick around. I am not shy, not afraid, I make moves, I've been on many dates, I am in shape, I'm driven, high confidence. I've been on many dates. I had about 200 tinder matches and only met 1. What could I be doing? I have no clue.


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I had a break up not long ago, he got with another girl and now they got married so he can get his green card. I saw him like a month ago and he told me to wait for two months (I don't know for what). I love him more like anything but I don't know what to do. I need to continue with my life but at the same time I'm waiting for something that might not even come. But I'm so in love with him that seems impossible to move on.

UNITED STATES / MAR 25, 2018 12:18 PM EST

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UNITED STATES / MAR 24, 2018 4:28 PM EST

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My mom, brother and I are going to have to move at the end of the school year, and I'm devastated. I've built a friend circle and a support group- relationships with my teachers, and I'm even in two clubs and the theatre program. If we move, we might even have to give away our dog. Theres a chance we won't move, but it would burden our family and I don't want that.

UNITED STATES / MAR 21, 2018 8:52 PM EST

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I’m a 21 year old with cancer and depression. I want to move forward but don’t have the strength to. How/where do I start turning my life around? HELP!!

UNITED STATES / MAR 15, 2018 5:42 PM EST

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I am interested in my best friend. Recently i made a move and she friendzoned me but later told me she sees me in a romantic light and that the friendzone is very escapable. Do I keep doing what i am doing or do i try something different?

KOREA / MAR 14, 2018 2:16 AM EST

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I’m a sucker for the way you move..

UNITED STATES / FEB 23, 2018 4:34 PM EST

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One of the first founders of an American mega churches with political power. In my opinion, he was a dangerous man just like all the other nіgger lovers. In fact nіgger lovers are causing as much damage to America as the nіgger cunts themselves. I'm so pleased I moved to illegally occupied kikeland. Israel ( ID-11 ) ISRAEL/Feb 21, 2018 07:23 PM

UNITED STATES / FEB 22, 2018 5:41 AM EST

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At the height of slavery in America only 1.6% of the white population owned slaves but every white has to pay for that even those of us who have families who moved here after slavery ended. Now of the free blacks, which were all over the country north and south, 3.8% of them owned slaves. Free blacks you say? Yes even during the height of slavery there were free blacks in the north and south who were land owners and they too had slaves.

UNITED STATES / FEB 17, 2018 3:15 PM EST

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Do you follow the #steampunk movement?

UNITED STATES / FEB 12, 2018 12:42 PM EST

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Is The #metoo and #timesup movement just getting started? Or is it almost over?

UNITED STATES / JAN 30, 2018 10:36 AM EST

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How do I know if im actually bisexual or lesbian? I have an interest in this girl and she’s openly lesbian but since im not sure if im really interested because im really confused about my situation im afraid to make a move. She probably doesn’t even know that I could be an option for her. What should i do?

UNITED STATES / JAN 24, 2018 11:30 PM EST

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Long story short: I fell for this guy but he was hinting he would rather be in a fwb type relationship. We were concerned that I would feel for him even in a fwb relationship. Should I persue a fwb with him or just move on? I mean, I would have also liked a fwb but just took a more serious approach.

UNITED STATES / JAN 22, 2018 12:59 PM EST

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I'm turning 18 in May and I want to move officially away for good to be with my bf and his family. How do I do this legally and make money enough to support me fast to get a plane ticket ? I have 6 months.

/ JAN 22, 2018 6:30 PM EST

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Sergio Beerсосk has just moved to Turin. It's as far away from Steve as he could get without leaving Italy. The Beerсосks' relationship became strained because Steve is only interested in prepubescent boys and so no longer sexually abusing Sergio. Sergio misses the old times when Steve used to molest him for hours at a time.

UNITED STATES / JAN 19, 2018 6:58 AM EST

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