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t'is better to remain silent and thought the fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt

UNITED STATES / AUG 13, 2018 2:42 PM EST

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Well, one day, I opened up my laptop and I keep getting these random ads on the side of my screen. They ask me to buy things, or to message women (to advertise a sexual site). I haven't used the internet inappropriately, so I'm not sure how they got there. How do I make them go away...?


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Donald Trump’s lies about immigration are near criminal. Republicans cant even agree on a bill. Democrats don’t want open borders, passed bi-partisan immigration reform, support ICE. Undocumented immigrants aren’t taking your jobs and can’t utilize social services.

UNITED STATES / JUL 25, 2018 12:24 PM EST

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I have recently begun a relationship with a Somalian girl What's up bietches? You thought im gone? You thought you were safe?!? YOU FIECKING THOUGHT!!! i RAEPED you on the job market. I have FEASTED on many LOBSTAHS and MAJOTOS. Have you FAILED your scramble yet?? Let me know when it happens. I will open SHAMPAIGN to celebrate. FIECKING job market LOOSERS.


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Then the sky opened and down came the loving hand of God which he gently placed on the shoulder of Robert Mueller.....

UNITED STATES / JUL 18, 2018 12:15 PM EST

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I dream of using a gun to loosen up an 8 year old girl's vag. Then I force my ćock up her vag and cum in her as she screamed in agony as I ripped her open. After I'd finished in her, I'd take the gun and shoot it in her vag. Although the surgeons were able to save her life, she has significant injuries to her vag and internal organs. In particular the life changing nature of the injuries to her vag leaves it hideously disfigured to the extent the no guy will ever want her again.

UNITED STATES / JUL 3, 2018 10:15 AM EST

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They need to reopen Alcatraz and send Donald Trump there forever. Having Donald Trump get ass-rаped on a prison island is Making America Great Again.

UNITED STATES / JUN 28, 2018 3:54 PM EST

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I saw three 9 year old girls in MacDonalds. My favorite was an olive-skinned brunette with large lips. She was wearing a white tank top (which showed off her prepubescent tits nicely), a denim skirt, and white glittery flip flops with a kitten heel. The little tease sat with her legs slightly open so I could see right up her thigh, but not her underwear. She went upstairs to the toilet and I looked upwards so I could get a look at her undies...

UNITED STATES / JUN 19, 2018 7:34 AM EST

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Get a soft mink glove. Have Steve Beerсock take off his shirt. Rub his back gently all over. Struck his сock until he cums. Have him walk over to the hallway and open the cellar door. Tell him to look down at the colored spot on the cement floor 12 feet below. With both hands shove his ass down the steps. Take a bar of Ivory soap from the bathroom, put it on the step and tell the cops he fell.

UNITED STATES / JUN 15, 2018 7:57 AM EST

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Get a soft mink glove. Have Soh take off her blouse and bra. Rub her back gently all over. Around her waist. Have her walk over to the hallway and open the cellar door. Tell her to look down at the colored spot on the cement floor 12 feet below. With both hands shove her ass down the steps. Take a bar of Ivory soap from the bathroom, put it on the step and tell the cops she fell.

UNITED STATES / JUN 14, 2018 11:08 PM EST

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There are small and slightly raised dark color bumps DOWN THERE found out that I have more than just one but a few bumps, they are not so much raised that I didn't know they were there coz I can't feel it when ever I touch it. And another thing that worry me so much is that my opening got discoloration. It was light red/pink before but now half part of it are black or dark purple. I'm so scared. I am sexually active and afraid that this bumps and vag discoloration might ruin my relationship.

UNITED STATES / JUN 14, 2018 10:46 PM EST

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Finking maaayybe a bubble tea. Dunno how late the fav bubble tea spot is open, I’ll have to google. Wyd?? Tell!!

UNITED STATES / JUN 12, 2018 9:22 PM EST

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Would someones finger prints be in a data base lets say If someone were to try to open a vehicle door who is not theirs and leaves finger prints behind and the owners of the vehicle report their car being attempted to robbery or what ever and the cops find finger prints and then later on the person that attempted to open the vehicle goes through a fingerprint test.


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When irresponsible people throw pastries at cars driving past, in busy yet fast moving traffic there can be big trouble!! In the LA area kids of more affluent families aim the messy jelly fill donuts to go through open windows and hit the driver.

UNITED STATES / JUN 2, 2018 11:39 PM EST

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Manchester & Liverpool Railway began passanger srrvice in 1830. To celebrate britains 2nd railroad there were free rides & food & drink. This attracted the worst of London's slum dwellers who piled into the railway coaches, grabbed the sizzling hot pork & suet pastries and threw them into carriages of the rich, into open windows of homes, into pubs and in the face of British lords & ladies come to view the railway. Those ignorant, usrless, lazy, gin soaked, London trash .. they hated trump too!

UNITED STATES / JUN 1, 2018 11:25 PM EST

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How do I stop open office from moving the pictures I pasted? It is annoying!

UNITED STATES / MAY 13, 2018 9:18 AM EST

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burps.. excuse me.. I have to drink a lot of water cause I ate an open faced ham sandwich. Annd you know that crap is full of nitrates and msg annd salt water and other crap. So tryin to flush it out of my system 🤗 Wyd??


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Now that North Korea is opening up to the Western world, will the North Koreans finally experience the magic that is K-Pop?

UNITED STATES / APR 29, 2018 1:11 PM EST

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🎶 We ain't nothing but rápist, Well some of us islam rápist, who cut other people open like goats. But if we can hump dead heads and goats Then there's no reason that a man and another man can't Jihad But if you feel like I feel I got the antidote. Women wave your Jihabs, sing the chorus and it goes 💣🕋💣

UNITED STATES / APR 29, 2018 12:57 PM EST

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Alright, you moos!! Who let the bag of idiots open?!?! Look at this lace!! Disgraceful!

UNITED STATES / APR 21, 2018 3:02 PM EST

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