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What are a few rules for you and your parents to have on instagram?

UNITED STATES / FEB 21, 2018 6:45 PM EST

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I have a friend that I've known since my first year of school. All through our friendship together, she's been horrible. I know she does this because her parents are horrible and favour her brother over her, so I feel like I have to be there for her. I'm stuck between taking insults and crying every night to be the only one my friend has, or leaving her to cope on her own and going with my other friend. I'm also an introvert. What do I do?

UNITED STATES / FEB 21, 2018 1:26 PM EST

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Should Hitler have killed Harvey Weinstein's parents?

UNITED STATES / FEB 17, 2018 2:57 AM EST

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How would your parents or friends feel about you dating someone much older than you?

UNITED STATES / FEB 13, 2018 2:08 AM EST

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My mom is always cussing at me and yelling at me, screaming at me and saying things like If my parents ever get divorced, its all my fault and no one elses. I cry every day when I get home from school, and she's constantly belittling me and making me feel worthless. But whenever i start crying she starts screaming even more. Please help, I know there is more to life then this but I have seriously considered suicide.

UNITED STATES / FEB 13, 2018 5:45 PM EST

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I am starving, haven’t eaten since yesterday. My grandparents are in the kitchen and I can’t just go down there and say I want food in front of them.

UNITED STATES / FEB 11, 2018 2:58 PM EST

» 2 answers

I have been reported to the police by the parents of a kid, who was told about the group chat I made called "shank luke club". The boy is a bully, to the point where a girl came crying to me and she was unable to go to school because of him. I never threatened him in person or over text. Am I in trouble or not?

FRANCE / FEB 9, 2018 6:10 PM EST

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My sister is a big fat disgusting whale (over 400 pounds) She is supposed to be on a doctor prescribed diet but have managed to gain 15 pounds since Christmas. All she does is hang out on Facebook and stuff her fat face. I hate her because she won't help herself and it's making my parents crazy. What should I do to prevent her from gaining more weight.

UNITED STATES / FEB 8, 2018 10:52 AM EST

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What do pizza and parents have in common? If they're black you've got nothing to eat.


» 2 answers

I'm taking Spanish 4 as a highschool freshman, is it dumb? I barely finished Spanish 3 with an A, and my Spanish 1 and 2 teacher didn't teach anything so my Spanish is bad,,, If I don't get an A my parents are gonna be so mad but if I switch I will end up with the bad teacher next year,,,,,,

UNITED STATES / JAN 31, 2018 10:29 PM EST

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I think I have QBPD (Quiet Borderline Personality Disorder). I want to tell my parents but I'm scared because once I start telling people it becomes real and I don't know if I'm ready for that yet but I'm struggling with my day to day tasks and I don't know how long I can keep this up. Does anyone have any advice?

/ JAN 29, 2018 10:59 AM EST

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I have my soccer match coming up and I have to wear shorts. I’m very self conscious when it comes to my arm and leg hair, but my parents are against shaving, waxing and laser removal. Any natural home remedies for hair removal?

UNITED STATES / JAN 25, 2018 4:13 PM EST

» 4 answers

Hello! My name is Christian, and I'm quite struggling with life. I'm gay, I have no friends, and my family strictly phorhibits lgbt prefferences. I haven't told my parents I am, but everyday I force myself to like girls, because my faith is strong for my religion, but I can't help it. Should I open up and tell everybody? Or force myself to be straight?

UNITED STATES / JAN 22, 2018 4:41 AM EST

» 4 answers

I need help.....I’m slowly falling back into depression from schoolwork and stress from pets. Please, I just got out of the hospital about 3 months ago and currently on lexepro. God, I’m only 13 and I can’t let my parents be more concerned than they already are. They are on to me... Advice? It will be GREATLY appreciated.

UNITED STATES / JAN 20, 2018 11:45 PM EST

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how can i search the web without parents tracking me

UNITED STATES / JAN 19, 2018 5:43 PM EST

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disappoint your parents 69

UNITED STATES / JAN 17, 2018 6:12 PM EST

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I'v Come out to my Parents but they don't want me to come out to anyone else. Are they Protecting me? Or are they ashamed of me?

UNITED STATES / JAN 16, 2018 4:25 PM EST

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So, I was just getting ready to masturb8. Then I heard my parents doing the deed. I feel sick now. I heard my mom moan. It was horrible. I have the room right next to them.

UNITED STATES / JAN 15, 2018 12:58 PM EST

» 4 answers

So I transferred to a new district do I need to go with my family to meet the board of education or can it just be my parents? Will I break the law by not attending or are my parents bluffing me by telling me they told me to come?

UNITED STATES / JAN 11, 2018 11:24 PM EST

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Is it bad to read fan fiction? How would you feel if your parents caught you reading it?


» 2 answers

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