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I've been away from JC for like a year now and nowts changed. Niger cant this...niger cant that. Shall we just leave him here alone for the rest of his life?


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Woman Trying to Prove ‘Vegans Can Do Anything’ Dies of Altitude Sickness on Mount Everest

UNITED STATES / MAR 17, 2017 4:26 PM EST

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I don't eat fourtune cookies, i jus don't see it as a necessary habit after you eat asian food. I'm pinoy and when i eat at asian restaurants with someone who isn't asain they always ask me why I don't eat them and i give 'em my reason. Some have gone as far as to say it's not a "Oriental" meal with out a fortune cookie for desert. Giv'me a break!! Then they try to be funny with it and add "in bed" after words. Please..... Am I alone on this??

UNITED STATES / MAR 17, 2017 3:31 PM EST

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I've just recently turned 16, and I feel somewhat... immature. I'm the only one of my friends who both has never tried alcohol and never wants to get drunk, people at my school as young as 13 are having sex and stuff, and all of my friends cake their faces in so many layers of make-up. It's not just my friends though; it seems to be everyone! Am I immature for my age because I have no interest in these things?

CHINA / MAR 14, 2017 6:43 AM EST

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Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year now but he seems as though he is loosing interest in me, when we first met he was really clingy and up for anything, he was up for doing it but now it feels completely different. He always makes excuses about not being 'sensual' etc... Help?!!!

UNITED STATES / MAR 12, 2017 3:45 PM EST

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I’ve a Father on the road, He’s almost done traveling, A Father on the road. He’s bound to go where Jesus is, His soul shall ascend where Jesus is, To enjoy the peaceful home of rest. He’s bound to go where Jesus is, And be there forever blest.

UNITED STATES / MAR 11, 2017 6:02 PM EST

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What can it mean if someone younger then you keeps on talking to you in the middle of the night . Does it mean they are interested in you or just being friendly?

CHINA / MAR 9, 2017 3:14 PM EST

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Will anyone find a fiction book about punk kids and quantum physics interesting?


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Blacks have no control and cant live in civilized society, they are like apes, if you try to arrest an ape they would attack the cop because their IQ is to low, this is why they get shot.


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Why do so many Mexicans eat at Chinese restaurants?

UNITED STATES / FEB 26, 2017 7:06 PM EST

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I am a 14 year old boy how can i convince my parents to let me grow my hair long. this is what i want pinterest pin 410179478543280154/?from_navigate=true

/ FEB 20, 2017 5:01 PM EST

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A girl that i prevoiusly liked is wanting to have casual sex with me. Is she interested in me and just not saying it

KOREA / FEB 19, 2017 8:47 PM EST

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I either talk a lot or don't talk at all. Either I'm under confident or over confident. I either underestimate myself or over estimate myself. I can neither handle compliments nor handle criticism about me. Basically, I'm a person with either extreme limits or I'm limitless. When angry, I either don't speak at all or I burst out. I'm not tactful. In anything, I don't know where to draw the line. Ofcourse, day by day I'm facing more and more problems due to this nature.

UNITED STATES / FEB 17, 2017 4:30 AM EST

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People always tell me I'm beautiful and seem surprised when I say I'm single, yet no man has ever seemed to be even remotely interested in me. Why am I so useless?


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I'm madly in love with this guy and I don't see myself with anyone else in the future. He doesn't seem that interested in me anymore. Any advice on what I should do?

BULGARIA / FEB 4, 2017 2:33 PM EST

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Funfact: If you tell someone to kill yourself it's considering encouraging suicide and you can get a fine of $5,OOO and 10+ years in prison. If they actually commit suicide you can be charged with manslaughter. So really in your best interest not to be a cunt.

UNITED STATES / FEB 4, 2017 11:32 AM EST

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If you finally found the one person you wanted to be with for the rest of you're life and they are just absolutely perfect for you but then they told you that they had herpes simplex 2. Would you still try to make things work?

UNITED STATES / JAN 31, 2017 2:14 PM EST

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So, in a nutshell, Obama restricted visa waivers for those seven Muslim-majority countries — Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen — and now, Trump is looking to bar immigration and visitors from the same list of countries.

UNITED STATES / JAN 29, 2017 7:17 PM EST

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"President Donald Trump's refugee ban in the Middle East could be one of the first conflicts of interest for the president, as his bans avoided nations that he has business ties in." Deplorables, this guy is all about me, myself and I. Pathetic, isn't it?

NETHERLANDS / JAN 29, 2017 3:48 PM EST

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"Four more journalists have been charged with felonies after being arrested while covering the unrest around Donald Trump’s inauguration." Will Трамп turn the US into a second Russia?

UNITED STATES / JAN 25, 2017 4:09 AM EST

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