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Will i be alright today?

UNITED STATES / MAY 21, 2017 4:29 PM EST

» 3 answers

I'm in high school; in love with a girl. I hung out with her one day and really wanted to get to know her better. So I told her I liked her as a person and really wanted to get to know her better. Apparently, according to my mates, I F**ked up and I needed to wait to say this. Are they right, what should I do?

UNITED STATES / MAY 18, 2017 6:48 PM EST

» 3 answers

Alright you moos.. 😡 What in the fûckity fûck is going on in... wait... lol. I just had a thought. ☺️ Am finkin bubble tea, oh so good.. yaaas!! Also, my parcel has shipped!! So happy... 🙃 I ordered some fine point Bic crystal pens. I thought it was 25 count, but it's 50, you moo.. lol. Tootles! 😘

UNITED STATES / MAY 18, 2017 5:19 PM EST

» 6 answers

I'm so upset right now....My big fat girlfriend and I went swimming in Florida and some dumbass mistook her for a manatee and ran her over with his boat. Do you think we should sue the bastard?

UNITED STATES / MAY 18, 2017 1:04 PM EST

» 3 answers

I betrayed my good friends - cheated at cards with them. I don't know what I was thinking, and am remorseful. I've made some form of peace with most, but there is one guy (the most "manly man"), who is way too furious with me. His exact words, after I apologized to him, were - "tell that scumbag, if he was in Russia, he would get shot.". He is a great dude and I want to rebuild our relationship. Anything I can do to make things right, or...?

UNITED STATES / MAY 16, 2017 6:14 AM EST

» 2 answers

I dont feel right.

UNITED STATES / MAY 15, 2017 10:37 PM EST

» 6 answers

I saw three 9 year old girls in MacDonalds. My favorite was a brunette with olive skin and large lips. She was wearing a white tank top (which showed off her prepubescent tits nicely), a denim skirt, and white glittery flip flops with a kitten heel. The little tease sat with her legs slightly open so I could see right up her thigh, but not her underwear. She went upstairs to the toilet and I looked upwards so I could get a look at her undies...


» 9 answers

is my other self dreaming about this right now


» 2 answers

Are my other self in parallel universe dreaming about writing this quesition right now


» 3 answers

₁₂₃₄₅₆₇₈₉ is your other self dreaming about this right now

UNITED STATES / MAY 2, 2017 12:53 PM EST

» 3 answers

I'm smearing shìt right now

UNITED STATES / APR 26, 2017 12:52 PM EST

» 1 answer

where are you right now at this time?

UNITED STATES / APR 25, 2017 3:08 PM EST

» 7 answers

So I'm a freshman in high school, and my mother uses medical marijuana. Every once in a while, she needs me to water the plants right before I walk to the school. When this happens, I will of course end up unintentionally rubbing up against a plant. I try to avoid it, but it doesn't work most of the time, and then I go to school smelling like weed. My friends complain of my odor, I'm afraid people will judge me. What should I do?

UNITED STATES / APR 24, 2017 11:56 PM EST

» 5 answers

Who's down to fück me in the pussy right here right now as hard as possible

UNITED STATES / APR 23, 2017 12:36 PM EST

» 3 answers

The ONLY group of men who allow women any rights are White Men.

UNITED STATES / APR 22, 2017 11:32 PM EST

» 4 answers

Shouldn't yer fatAss be in bed right about now?

UNITED STATES / APR 21, 2017 11:18 PM EST

» 5 answers

Me and my girlfriend have a loving sexual relationship. However, I never forget that she's a 9 year old girl and has to enjoy her childhood. I always make sure that she has plenty of friends her own age to play with. Last Friday she brought her new friend, Rebecca, home for tea. She was wearing a light blue dress and silver glittery flip flops. Rebecca sat with her legs apart and flashed me her bright pink panties to show me that she wanted a dicking....

UNITED STATES / APR 21, 2017 10:55 AM EST

» 3 answers

Anywhoo, I'm totally loving the silence right now. ☺️

UNITED STATES / APR 18, 2017 2:07 PM EST

» 8 answers

Painting my toenails. Anyone else doing there's tonight. What colors are hot right now with flips flops and bare feet??

UNITED STATES / APR 17, 2017 10:44 PM EST

» 3 answers

All the right friends and all the right places...

UNITED STATES / APR 17, 2017 6:22 PM EST

» 2 answers

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