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I have a big problem I'm 15 years old and my dick is embarrassingly huge....freakishly enormous. I'm embarrassed to change clothes in the school locker. Everyone stares and makes fun of me. Plus I think I'm gay because I cant get an erection looking at girls but I get rock hard thinking about my best friend. I've been contemplating suicide because of this...What should I do...Please help.

UNITED STATES / AUG 16, 2018 5:31 PM EST

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Is it normal to be attracted to really fat girls? There are a lot of very heavy girls in my school and some of them really rock my world.....am I weird or something?


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Can God create a rock so heavy, he couldn't lift it?

UNITED STATES / JUL 26, 2018 12:34 PM EST

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Bent Shaft Rocks

UNITED STATES / JUL 21, 2018 6:48 PM EST

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It's okay that you admire the tenacity of Yoko Ono and the rockstar antics of Freddy Mercury. But I am sure even both of them tell the truth to the ones they love.

UNITED STATES / JUL 18, 2018 10:03 AM EST

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Farland. I'm finished with beer. I hate the way it makes me lose my edge. The same goes for other damaging habits. The way I felt last night has to be, I hope, rock bottom. I seriously need to reform my life and at this stage, if I'm being honest with myself, I know it's the last chance to change.

UNITED STATES / JUL 15, 2018 9:22 AM EST

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She’ll likely be sleeping in my bed, but I’m going to move the rocking chair outta the way in place for her dog bed.. Csnt wsit till my baby comes to visit!!

UNITED STATES / JUL 10, 2018 8:16 PM EST

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I wanted honest answers to my question, not this BS!!!😡 (Ohh shıt!! Yo be that 65yr old crazy alky hag from Tennessee. Yo on computer? Must snuck out of bed at Naahville discount alcohol detox center? There ain't gonna be no nude sky diving wedding. Yo cheapass boyfriend ainst gonna waste $$ for Rollin-Rock, skoal & scratchers by falling out of an aircraft with yo. ..etc..)

UNITED STATES / JUN 7, 2018 10:57 AM EST

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The day of his arrest and/or resignation will forever be a National holiday. It will be called “Freedom Day”. The day we overcame tyranny and fascism. There will be fireworks and parades and we will all get to watch the his idiot supporters crawl back under their rocks.

UNITED STATES / MAY 27, 2018 12:35 PM EST

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What the hell is "Rocky mountain fever?"

UNITED STATES / MAY 26, 2018 11:18 AM EST

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Soh believes her team will find the famous lost emeralds of Mysterious Rockaway. And even If they dont, there's Mertwell Ice Cream, which has the mostvexotic flavors, such vanilla bean with just a hint of cinnamon/lemon/lavender and dont forget their coconut with a hint of cherry peach melba

UNITED STATES / MAY 25, 2018 12:36 PM EST

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Ladies & Gentlemen at 11:26pm East Coast time, Soh announced she has was hired as expedition leader to search for buried treasure in Rockaway.

UNITED STATES / MAY 25, 2018 12:23 PM EST

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.kid . .. . .kid? ...KID!!??? What a crock of shıt!! .. kid my ass, that old bag of guts pretending to be some 13yr junior track & field achiever HORSESHİT... the so called "kid" is on fůcking social security, and as for his track and field "career", our little athlete has falling hemorrhoids and toxic flatulence

UNITED STATES / MAY 25, 2018 6:13 PM EST

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The trump supporter has been discovered to be an actual Caveman! He used to live under a rock, but now lives in a cave to keep himself totally ignorant of everything Trump is doing. It’s the only explanation.

CANADA / MAY 17, 2018 9:27 PM EST

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Trump got outplayed by Lil rocket man!!🤣🤣👍😂

CANADA / MAY 15, 2018 5:04 PM EST

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I rock peas on my head but don’t call me a pea head Bees on my head but don’t call me a bee head Bruce Lee’s on my head but don’t call me a Lee head Now please excuse me, I gots to get my tree fed You wear name brands and I make my own clothing I hang out with an apple who loves self-loathing

UNITED STATES / MAR 12, 2018 7:15 PM EST

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Do you think taunting a dangerously unstable dictator (Rocket Man!) with a loaded nuclear arsenal is a good idea?

UNITED STATES / FEB 26, 2018 5:26 PM EST

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So I have smaller boobs. They’re kind of like big A’s but small B’s. I want to get my nipples pierced. Is that something only for larger boobs or can small boobs rock it too? .

UNITED STATES / JAN 28, 2018 12:32 PM EST

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I feel like i'll reach rock bottom soon.

UNITED STATES / JAN 21, 2018 7:18 PM EST

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