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I need some thoughts on this.. I am married recently I tried to access my husband's iphone account to delete devices and because we forgot the password I got locked out. He on the other hand over reacted saying that it's private even though you can't really see anything. He ended up starting a stupid fight with me

UNITED STATES / APR 23, 2018 11:40 AM EST

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A few days ago a girl called me saying she has two 10 month old twins that may be mine. I’m in a rough patch with my relationship with my fiancé and our two daughters of our own. There’s a possibility that they may not be mine also. But I was wondering if I could sign over my rights as a father? What’s needed to sign over my rights?

UNITED STATES / APR 17, 2018 8:15 PM EST

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I stayed in Hotel Pennsylvania opposite Penn Station and Madison Square Garden. I was rather disappointed to be honest as the hotel and rooms had a surprisingly run down feel to them. Strangely, there was notice on the inside of my door saying "beware of fags". There was another notice on the mirror saying "beware of ass rippers". There was another message on the floor, I bent down to look at it and it said "you've warned twice you dopey fuсking cunt"

UNITED STATES / APR 12, 2018 6:33 AM EST

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I aksed a NEW friend to hang out and she took a while to respond. She was like sure but you dont even live around me and that weekend or happy hour work so I said cool. She then replied and said she would like to go but she needs to check her schedule and get back to me tomorrow...which has passed. Was that a polite way of saying no? I wanted to get to know her more (i am also a female). Now I fear I shouldn't have I have only known her for 4 months.

UNITED STATES / APR 10, 2018 9:33 PM EST

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Panties are so pretty and gurly and soft and fun... sooo I quess I’m saying I 💞 panties too!!

UNITED STATES / APR 4, 2018 12:52 PM EST

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I am in an online D/s relationship. Last September my sub kept going on about how his mother was ill and then later said she had died. I gave him his space and all the support I could. Today we were chatting and he says that he can't do a thing because his mom is upstairs with him. I'm at a loss of what to do now, since I feel like he's broken my trust if he's lied about the whole thing, but just saying that would be extremely insensitive if it is true. How should I approach this with him?


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How do I know if someone is being honest about someone saying someone likes me? Everyone keeps asking if we are together so I'm starting to think that person is just saying that so we can finally date or something.

UNITED STATES / MAR 11, 2018 2:50 AM EST

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I had this idea of expanding my social circle and there is this girl. She is popular but doesn't hang out with all the populars. She seems like a really good girl to hang out and have fun with. But we have like never talk, we have the same lesson once a week so she knows my existence. My friend and her had done some kind of a history project together(with a large group) in the near past. I don't know like what to do. PS: just going and saying hey won't be a good idea

UNITED STATES / FEB 27, 2018 11:39 AM EST

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Oh no...trouble in obese paradise...😊 The wedding of my little bro and his fat enormous fiance just might be in jeopardy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying a prayer.

UNITED STATES / FEB 19, 2018 2:17 PM EST

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My mom is always cussing at me and yelling at me, screaming at me and saying things like If my parents ever get divorced, its all my fault and no one elses. I cry every day when I get home from school, and she's constantly belittling me and making me feel worthless. But whenever i start crying she starts screaming even more. Please help, I know there is more to life then this but I have seriously considered suicide.

UNITED STATES / FEB 13, 2018 5:45 PM EST

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I'm going to retrain as a paramedic. What proportion of my patients are likely to be preteen chicks? How many of them won't be accompanied by an adult? If there is an adult in the ambulance with me and a preteen patient, when I'm molesting her is it believable if I just explain it away by saying "I need to make sure that the little bitch doesn't bleed out of her cunt"?

UNITED STATES / FEB 5, 2018 12:32 PM EST

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last night my mom got mad bc my chain of my necklace broke and she was saying how she wasn't going to pay to get it fixed so I simply said "you don't have to" she flipped out, slammed the door, this morning she was yelling at me and getting angry she hit me with my hair brush and it was red,I even heard her tell my dad that if I didn't leave the house soon that she was going to throw me down the stairs, should I get help? is this considered abuse or should I just continue to live in the house?


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So my boyfriend said he's totally fallen for me, is the a precursor to love or is he saying he loves me? Thanks

UNITED STATES / JAN 20, 2018 6:31 PM EST

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It's 12:42 am on the last night of the presidency of George W. Bush. I just like saying it. THE UNITED STATES / JAN 19, 2009 12:41 PM EST WELL AT LEAST THE RETARD PRESIDENCY WAS BETTER THAN THE NlGGER PRESIDENCY

UNITED STATES / JAN 9, 2018 11:42 AM EST

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This is a question for SOH, why do you still come on here? All people do is sh*t on you all the time so why subject yourself to seeing people saying all these awful things about you, it can't be good for your self-esteem so why?


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You lil muffugahz best be gittin to beyed early n sheet. Doan fogetz ta leebz santa sum fried chickun, a swisher sweets blunt an a 20 rock if youz wantz da 9 minnumeeduh. Gnomesaying chirrinz ?

UNITED STATES / DEC 24, 2017 2:42 PM EST

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I sit at the back of the class, I wrote on a table and someone idk of, wrote back. We kept doing it and stuck notes under table, saying all things. Im interested in getting to know this person, but not in real life. Any suggestions on what we can talk about and how I can slowly win their heart. Do I act innocent or be flirty? Do I tell them stuff about me? Should I open up, or keep to myself in my depressed life?? Thank you

UNITED STATES / DEC 21, 2017 5:13 PM EST

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A CHARCOAL-BURNER carried on his trade in his own house. One day he met a friend, a FuIIer, and entreated him to come and live with him, saying that they should be far better neighbors and that their housekeeping expenses would be lessened. The Fuller replied, "The arrangement is impossible as far as I am concerned, for whatever I should whiten, you would immediately blacken again with your charcoal."

UNITED STATES / DEC 10, 2017 6:48 PM EST

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God you people are so stupid. Whoever keeps saying that someone isn't this or that and you automatically think it's someone specific on an anonymous website, then you know you people are stupid. I can easily say I'm the Trump apologist on here. I can say I'm a doctor too. I'm really the one you people are arguing with about Trump. The one who actually gave you people facts while they shied away from answering my questions. You people prove my point every time you say something stupid.


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