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My daughter's school teacher rang me today. She said, "Sarah didnt turn up for school today, is everything okay?" I said, "Her mother died last night I'm afraid, she's still trying to get to grip with things." "Oh no, how's she's getting on?" She asked. "Very well," I replied. "She's just made tea and is on her second load of washing."

UNITED STATES / MAY 25, 2017 5:42 AM EST

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I'm in high school; in love with a girl. I hung out with her one day and really wanted to get to know her better. So I told her I liked her as a person and really wanted to get to know her better. Apparently, according to my mates, I F**ked up and I needed to wait to say this. Are they right, what should I do?

UNITED STATES / MAY 18, 2017 6:48 PM EST

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Should I go to school for buisness?

UNITED STATES / MAY 17, 2017 10:56 PM EST

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Glo up tips for high school girls?

UNITED STATES / MAY 17, 2017 4:58 PM EST

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My crush and I told each other we liked eachother and he asked me to the school dance but I don't know if we are dating or not. I don't know how to ask him and I think of ways to ask him in my mind but I just don't let myself ask them once I'm near him. Are we dating?? What should I do?? How do I make it less awkward with him??

UNITED STATES / MAY 15, 2017 10:59 PM EST

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I want to admit to my sophomore teacher that i have a crush on her on the last day of school, what should I say?

UNITED STATES / MAY 10, 2017 1:41 PM EST

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I'm 19 and the girl I'm talking to just turned 17. I really want to start a relationship but people are saying it won't be good because she still has another year of high school and just the fact she's a minor while I'm an adult. Is it safe to start or should I move on?

/ MAY 9, 2017 7:04 PM EST

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Is it bad that I'm in high school and I haven't seen a naked woman?


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I would like to get to know this boy. We've never talked and we go to different schools. I know him because we get the same school bus in the morning. We've both gotten the same bus for 2 years now and I still haven't the courage to talk to him. He is usually surrounded by his friends too so that makes it harder. How do I approach him? What do I do to get to know him?


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This guy I know who's like half a douche knows who I like at school, and it is in my best interests to keep that info private. Suggestions?

UNITED STATES / APR 30, 2017 1:52 AM EST

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why do parents punish you again after you have been punished at school with a detention already?

UNITED STATES / APR 27, 2017 12:18 PM EST

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How do you adjust to high school

UNITED STATES / APR 26, 2017 10:58 PM EST

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So I'm a freshman in high school, and my mother uses medical marijuana. Every once in a while, she needs me to water the plants right before I walk to the school. When this happens, I will of course end up unintentionally rubbing up against a plant. I try to avoid it, but it doesn't work most of the time, and then I go to school smelling like weed. My friends complain of my odor, I'm afraid people will judge me. What should I do?

UNITED STATES / APR 24, 2017 11:56 PM EST

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I hope to glo up this summer, any advice? What should I focus on/what would get your attention if you were to go to my school?

UNITED STATES / APR 24, 2017 4:43 PM EST

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Know anyone from Bedford free school?

UNITED STATES / APR 19, 2017 1:00 PM EST

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I'm a girl dating a girl but her family are strong Christians and hate me because we're dating. They won't let her go anywhere because they don't trust her and I can't go over to see her unless we're at school. What do I do?

UNITED STATES / APR 15, 2017 8:22 PM EST

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I have fallen for my best friend. I recently told him how I felt, and he was totally cool about it. People think we would be great together. Lately he has grown closer to me and has been more caring and concerned about little thing that involve me. Plus he loves hanging out after school. Could he be falling for me as I did for him?

UNITED STATES / APR 14, 2017 9:24 PM EST

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What type of purchases do you make for your school club?

UNITED STATES / APR 12, 2017 3:00 PM EST

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If Soh didn't spend so much of her money on useless crap, would she have enough money to go to a real school, like New York University, Columbia, or Syracuse?

UNITED STATES / APR 10, 2017 7:07 PM EST

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Darlings, I'm feeling much better today.. was sleeping too much lately, and I only do that if I'm depressed or under the weather. Just read an article that New York State is going to be having free tuition for four year SUNY and CUNY students for those whose families make less than a hundred thousand, and I wanted to cry.. idk if you know how difficult it is when you're really ready and wanting to go to school when broke, I got a lil emotional.. Anyway, I truly hope you enjoyed your day. ☺️

UNITED STATES / APR 10, 2017 5:42 PM EST

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