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Hi! I'm a 5 foot flat female. i'm looking for a cheaper car that will be comfortable for my tiny body (i need to be able to see without having the seat right up on the steering wheel) and has a short hood. please please help!!

/ MAR 17, 2017 10:40 PM EST

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Does anyone have an idea for a 1-minute short film based around the theme of friendship? I only have 1 actor available wich makes things a bit more difficult. Please help!!!

UNITED STATES / MAR 12, 2017 9:42 AM EST

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I need a bit of advice I find myself attracted sexually to my sister (we are both of legal age btw) and I think she may know she is constantly teasing me in a semi-sexual manner and wearing tight clothes and shorts around me (and no I don't think she is attracted to me) so what can i do to stop these feelings i have?

UNITED STATES / FEB 27, 2017 9:06 PM EST

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RCMP said two Edmonton men were facing fraud charges, after each made separate allegations of lost luggage at the Edmonton International Airport. On September 26, 2016 a man returning to Edmonton from Hamilton retrieved two pieces of luggage from the carousel at the airport. A short time later, he went to the Westjet counter and claimed those bags had gone missing, and contained more than $5,000 in merchandise. Hussein Zeitoun, 27, and Samy Hanna, 63, face fraud charges.

UNITED STATES / FEB 23, 2017 6:21 PM EST

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What would you like to see a short film about?


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I run track and was self conscious of my chest hair because I ran shirtless. I had a lot. People commented on it, so I tried to trim it, but I messed up. I had to even it out so I made it all short. I didn't shave it all the way, so now I have a lot of uneven stubble that I want to grow out again. Does chest stubble look gross as it grows again? Should I run with a shirt on until it's back to a good length? Should I shave it all off and grow it from scratch?


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"Shortly after Donald Trump was sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States, all foreign ambassadors were fired and with no concrete replacement ambassadors lined up. His transition team had said on 23 December there would be “no exceptions” for ambassadors requesting to extend their postings past Inauguration day, in contrast with other Presidents, even for ambassadors with young children." What's next? He'll replace them by his billionaire buddies?

UNITED STATES / JAN 21, 2017 7:57 AM EST

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I need a great Fawlty Towers clip (short extract) to be used in a management presentation showing bad management of staff (Basil) or leading by example. Any suggestions would be appreciated (with links even better!) thanks

UNITED STATES / JAN 18, 2017 7:14 AM EST

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I met a girl at a club in fall 2015. We got drunk and had consensual sex. After a few weeks, we made a verbal agreement not to have sex with other people. She would get drunk constantly, to the point of blacking out, so I never took her seriously and would violate the agreement constantly, hooking up with other women. I found out she had had sex with someone while extremely intoxicated shortly before the conversation. Should we give this a chance or has too much damage been done to continue?

UNITED STATES / JAN 16, 2017 2:33 PM EST

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I doubt i'll get a real answer on this site but i'm desperate. I think I have acute myeloid leukemia. I have had symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, back and neck pain, bone pain, shortness of breath, chills, excessive sweating, repeated infections, petechiae, and even bleeding gums. My mom thinks I am a crazy hypochondriac when I try to drop hints at her that I'm not feeling well. What do I do? My condition might be seriously risky, but my mom won't believe me if I tell her.

UNITED STATES / JAN 5, 2017 11:07 PM EST

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Hate being so short!! What to do!? 😝


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Why cant boys have long hair. Or girls have short hair. I hate get all this gender stereotyping. Men have to be all macho and girls have to be weak.

/ DEC 29, 2016 5:04 PM EST

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So I have a male BF and he does things and my friend says it's flirting.This is some of them: He sits by me at lunch and he always does things I tell him not to do. Like for awhile I have told him I don't like my hair being touched or messed with but when I say that he smiles and attempts to touch my hair causing me to freak out. He always teases me and Takes stuff from me and holds it over his head (I'm short) and laughs as I try to grab it. He says he loves my reactions

UNITED STATES / DEC 26, 2016 2:24 AM EST

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Black, brown, blonde, or dyed hair; brown, hazel, green, or blue eyes ;pale, medium, tan,or dark; long, medium, or short hair; long, medium, or short nails; painted or plain nails; sexy, nerdy, cute, or pretty; party, smart, or classy; lots, medium or no makeup; tough,regular,or gentle; tomboy, regular,or girly-girl; book smart or logical; job/ no job; a few, one,or no imperfections; big, medium,or small boobs; big, medium, or small butt; skinny, regular, or curvy; tall, medium, or short:

/ DEC 5, 2016 5:43 PM EST

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Blonde or brunettes: Blue eyes or chocolate brown eyes: Pale skin or tan skin: Long legs or long torsos: Big eyes or small eyes: Double eyelids or no double eyelids: Big lips or thin lips: Dark eyebrows or light eyebrows: Button noses or medium noses: Long hair or short hair: Painted nails or plain nails:

/ DEC 4, 2016 7:17 PM EST

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Scared out of my shorts, check. OK, ladies, let's move it out!

UNITED STATES / NOV 27, 2016 12:23 PM EST

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Hi, I am doing a short film project at school: 30 seconds - 2 minutes and the only dialogue that can be said in it is "hello", any ideas? help would be hugely appreciated

UNITED STATES / NOV 21, 2016 2:35 PM EST

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I have to write a short story. A four page paper, due tomorrow... I'll pretend I'm a young woman who gets conquered from a neighboring tribe. Ugh, I don't wanna do this. I have to choose a period in my western civilization class from which I would have liked to live in. Idk what to choose, am thinking either ancient Mesopotamia or Ancient Rome or ancient Greece. Yup! 😌

UNITED STATES / NOV 20, 2016 8:26 PM EST

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So I'm writing a short story composed of letters between two characters, each letter is two paragraphs long. About how many letters should they exchange to make it a good length?

UNITED STATES / NOV 11, 2016 12:07 PM EST

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Should i write a bio. Everyone tells me too. In short Its about drugs, prostitution, and domestic abuse

KOREA / NOV 6, 2016 5:45 AM EST

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