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Okay. So for about 2 years now, I've had these strange white spots on the TOP of my skin and whenever you squeeze it, it bleeds. It's not on my face though but on parts of my legs and arms and the spots are grouped into one area. Does anyone know what this is? I just found another small group of them on my upper stomach and it's gotten me worried. Go I need treatment? (They're really small but some can be medium sized)

UNITED STATES / FEB 22, 2018 12:33 PM EST

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I’m going to have to repeat this question as the answers to it were not satisfactory: How many times a day does a little twink like you fantasize about Trump fuсking you in the ass?

UNITED STATES / FEB 20, 2018 3:20 PM EST

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Guys, what size bra does your girlfriend or wife wear? If you really know her, you will have a correct answer.

UNITED STATES / JAN 23, 2018 5:38 PM EST

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Do guys care about boob sizes ?? I’ve always wondered this.

/ JAN 19, 2018 10:57 PM EST

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Serious: i would prefer if a girl answers this but guys are welcome aswell. My dick is 8.5 inches long and 6 inches around, whats your opinion on this size? Is it average, small, large?

UNITED STATES / JAN 10, 2018 1:31 AM EST

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He has an 8 yr olds mentality in a 71 yr old body looking like a oversized resident of Loompaland.

UNITED STATES / JAN 7, 2018 10:32 AM EST

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How long is a good sized C0CK loin that will not make my cooter uncomfortable during sexual intracourse?


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Brain size as follows Asian, then white and black being smallest. Women's smaller than mens.....Does size matter at all?

FRANCE / DEC 28, 2017 7:45 AM EST

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Bra size?

UNITED STATES / DEC 18, 2017 11:38 PM EST

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what is the average 13 year old dick size

UNITED STATES / DEC 14, 2017 9:01 PM EST

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Snagged fun sized baby Ruth and butterfingers... ☺️

UNITED STATES / DEC 12, 2017 10:10 PM EST

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What size condoms should I use for sex? My girth is 5.3 inches, and my length is 6.8 inches.

/ DEC 10, 2017 11:27 AM EST

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If you have 5 pieces of chicken and you are sharing it with your partner who is 20 kilo's lighter than you. Is it right that I should have more of the 5th piece of chicken. She believes that it should be a equal divide (Equality), I believe it should be slightly more in my favor due to my size. (equity)

GERMANY / DEC 5, 2017 11:24 PM EST

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Am beginning to get the hang of the earbuds ☺️ The ones that came w the iPhone kept falling out of my tight ear. I guess that only means I have two different sized ears... 🤣


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The herbalist who circumcised my sister said he had never seen a clitoral mound so large. He said that it was already almost the size of a small dick. Now that it is gone she will be a much better woman and a more desirable wife.


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Is my gf a lesbian but still in denial? I found an XS thong while doing laundry. My GF wears M in thongs and has a nice round firm big booty. When i asked her about the thong, her reply was shes gained some weight. Now im no genius but to go up 2 sizes on underwear there would have yo be a significant increase in weight. She weighs abput 130lbs hasnt weighed less than 125lbs for several years.

UNITED STATES / NOV 28, 2017 3:40 AM EST

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I had a dream that a small white owl flew into the car window and was stunned, and someone put it in a small glass of murky water, just the right size for the owl, and I had to dump the water out but not the owl, like I was straining macaroni. ITALY / OCT 6, 2008 6:48 AM EST

UNITED STATES / NOV 22, 2017 12:03 PM EST

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The packages have arrived and I opened the 📦’s to check and make sure all is well, and it is... Snagged a Primalush sheet set in the cream color in a queen size. It comes w a fitted and flat top sheet and two pillow cases. The other 📦 is a Velvetsoft king size blanket.. Both from Berkshire I hope he likes it.... I ordered a king blanket so that when he makes his bed, there is length to it on all sides.

UNITED STATES / NOV 10, 2017 8:23 PM EST

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Is your wife or girlfriend a Hambellina? A big fat load of long pig lard? If so don't be a loser. Dump that bloated cum dumpster and find a normal size woman. Even a thin homely psycho bitch is socially more acceptable than a fatty.

UNITED STATES / OCT 25, 2017 5:41 PM EST

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I sometimes fantasize about how I can kill someone depending on the situation. Sometimes when I see an object (like a saw or a stick) I think of how I can use it as a murder/torture weapon. Those thoughts make me cry because I honestly don't want them and my body literally hurts because of them.

UNITED STATES / OCT 24, 2017 12:03 PM EST

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