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So, my boyfriend is a stoner but he's.....really good with computers. So he's smart. But the thing is, he smokes weed. I don't know how to feel about that. Should I just let him go?

UNITED STATES / MAR 21, 2017 11:14 PM EST

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How smart is it for a president to accuse a close ally of spying on you while there is no way you can substantiate this allegation?

UNITED STATES / MAR 18, 2017 8:17 AM EST

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I'm depressed.. I dropped out of school, not smart enough to get a ged, dream career is the army. I weighed 380 lbs, and dropped to 225 lbs for it.. and ended up gaining it all back.. what is my purpose in life? I'm not smart enough for anything in this world.. im getting depressed more and more everyday.. im starting to hit myself when i get frustrated.. mostly in the face area.. i feel worthless.. why am i here.

UNITED STATES / JAN 26, 2017 6:03 AM EST

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When losing an argument about self defense change the subject to hunting. That will show them you're the smart one... Like a said... a special kind of stupid

UNITED STATES / JAN 15, 2017 7:39 PM EST

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The smartest thing ever said on JC "it's ok... you can say it... guns kill people. That's why we arm our soldiers with guns and not bananas" Film @ 11:00

UNITED STATES / JAN 15, 2017 4:55 PM EST

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Why do you use proxies? Do you think we are all stupid? Do you think it makes you look smart?

UNITED STATES / JAN 15, 2017 2:15 PM EST

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My boyfriend cheated on me once and I got kind of depressed. I started to hate myself because I felt like I wasn't good enough. We got back together and he swears he'll never do it again. But is this smart? I'm scared that if we break up, I'll just get sad again but I can't be worried about that because I still love him. I don't know what to do.

/ JAN 14, 2017 5:06 PM EST

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My class rank is in the top 10 people (top 2%) of my class but I don't think I'm smart. What's wrong with me?

UNITED STATES / DEC 28, 2016 8:04 PM EST

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If you are reading this, you are beautiful, smart, and special. Have a great day! (Not sarcasm. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way, and everyone has a skill) :)

/ DEC 6, 2016 6:09 PM EST

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Black, brown, blonde, or dyed hair; brown, hazel, green, or blue eyes ;pale, medium, tan,or dark; long, medium, or short hair; long, medium, or short nails; painted or plain nails; sexy, nerdy, cute, or pretty; party, smart, or classy; lots, medium or no makeup; tough,regular,or gentle; tomboy, regular,or girly-girl; book smart or logical; job/ no job; a few, one,or no imperfections; big, medium,or small boobs; big, medium, or small butt; skinny, regular, or curvy; tall, medium, or short:

/ DEC 5, 2016 5:43 PM EST

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Which race is the smartest?

UNITED STATES / NOV 28, 2016 6:58 PM EST

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My "friend" is going around saying that I lie about everything, he also thinks that he's incredibly smart, so whenever I tell my teacher someone did something bad, he goes out of his way and says "That's something a 5 year old would say!! 1" Does this sound like he's hit puberty or something?

UNITED STATES / NOV 22, 2016 1:18 AM EST

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My friend is going around telling people that I lie about everything, he also thinks that he's incredibly smart, so whenever I go tell my teacher someone did something bad, he goes out of his way and says "That's something a kindergartener would say!1". Sometimes he also distracts me at the worst time and blames the distraction on me. There's millions of things that I would say about him here, but I just wanna know why the heck he's acting like his, it's never been like this until this year.

UNITED STATES / NOV 17, 2016 1:07 AM EST

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Is Cher calling Gary "And I Still Don't Know What This Aleppo Thing Is" Johnson an imbecile that smartest thing she said all year?

UNITED STATES / NOV 9, 2016 12:31 PM EST

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I'm gonna make a youtube video on why the website itself has turned to sh*t. What can I do to make myself sound smart during the recording?

UNITED STATES / OCT 13, 2016 2:53 AM EST

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Why do girls I know always brag about being smarter than boys when only 20% of my class is female ( I'm in the smartest class of my year level)


» 2 answers

How can a person be idiotic and smart at the same time, give me an example.

UNITED STATES / SEP 30, 2016 8:43 AM EST

» 3 answers

A childfree people really smarter than breeders?


» 8 answers

Here our model is seen chomping on a cream pastry wearing a shower curtain with sundaes and other junk food all over it. The green shoes smartly distract from her varicose veins. Finally, her accessory bag doubles as a cooler to hold three dozen Hostess cupcakes and insulin syringes.

UNITED STATES / AUG 27, 2016 10:22 PM EST

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people believe: just because someone has a college degree or their master's degree, the individual is smart. WRONG! i know a few people as described and they aren't the smartest. I was shocked how much of an idiot they are.

UNITED STATES / JUL 11, 2016 3:41 AM EST

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