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Hey you guys.. is everything alright? ☺️ I got a new eyeliner brush.. I’ve been using the same eyeliner brush forever!! Time for change..

UNITED STATES / NOV 19, 2017 7:46 PM EST

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Bubble gum Gumdrop Drop it like a lollipop Never let the craving stop A million flavors Breathe ‘em in Rainbow colored oxygen Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing This life is sweet Sweeter than you think Gonna live the dream Like a candy queen Like a candy queen This world’s got more Than you can ever hope for Just gotta walk through the door Like a kid in a candy store

UNITED STATES / NOV 19, 2017 5:23 AM EST

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Absolutely antithetical to the values of a buch of mass murderers, I totally agree. Shame on them! ITALY/Nov 17, 2017 11:40 PM (steve despises anything US or Britt)

UNITED STATES / NOV 18, 2017 9:33 PM EST

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I don’t like the word thingie

UNITED STATES / NOV 18, 2017 9:14 PM EST

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I feel dead... something feels wrong...

UNITED STATES / NOV 18, 2017 8:37 PM EST

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I write letters to someone but never sebd them. I wrote everything down in them. Should I show them to the person I wrote them to

UNITED STATES / NOV 18, 2017 8:50 AM EST

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I am sorry i agree with. Salmia. . farrina Need.keep. her month. Shut bout things. Dont. Judge. Others. I know whats. Been going on

UNITED STATES / NOV 17, 2017 7:21 PM EST

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I’m going to do something I haven’t done in a looong time. Can you quess what it is?

UNITED STATES / NOV 17, 2017 5:33 PM EST

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I would then tell them I would be majoring in nursing or psychology, and that I am totally reliably, efficient, and super fast learner! I really shouldn't be talking about this. It's sooo early to mention it. I hope something comes out of this. It sucks when you're looking for work. And I need to pay off this tuition... otherwise, I'll just keep on truckin. ........ Soh ( ID-263 ) UNITED STATES/Feb 12, 2017 02:35 PM UNITED STATES/Feb 12, 2017 02:37 PM

UNITED STATES / NOV 16, 2017 1:30 PM EST

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... off last terms tuition and go back in the fall.. I would love to do something new and exciting and different! I hope s/he read my full resume and noted my small experience in healthcare, (I worked as a nurses aid years ago), noted the private agency I worked for (in the same area/location) ........ Soh ( ID-263 ) UNITED STATES/Feb 12, 2017 02:35 PM UNITED STATES/Feb 12, 2017 02:37 PM

UNITED STATES / NOV 16, 2017 1:28 PM EST

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Wait... how would you know I'm detailed oriented? That's not something I ever mentioned. Hmmmm. Interesting. ........ Soh ( ID-263 ) UNITED STATES/Feb 12, 2017 02:35 PM UNITED STATES/Feb 12, 2017 02:37 PM

UNITED STATES / NOV 16, 2017 1:25 PM EST

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I love how hotels charge $250 for a room you can smoke in but you can literally jizz on anything you want for no extra charge..

UNITED STATES / NOV 16, 2017 7:37 AM EST

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Why do you come here and say mean things to everyone and then get mad because we're mean to you?

UNITED STATES / NOV 15, 2017 8:37 PM EST

» 10 answers

Why do I make me say such mean things??

UNITED STATES / NOV 15, 2017 8:16 PM EST

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I have a twin brother and I like our shared friend. My entire family doesn’t talk about dating or anything and we’re not about to. (I’m 14) how should I proceed? Also he goes to a different school and I only see him every once in a while. My friends do know about him.

/ NOV 15, 2017 5:47 PM EST

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Im 15 years old (freshman)and very innocent. New had a bf, never had first kiss, never did anything sexual, never done drugs or vaped. Me and a junior who is soon to be 17 has been talking to me and hes super nice. Ik hes not a virgin, hes drinks and gets highl sometimes on the weekend. Im curious abt sex and i kinda wanna sleep with him. should i? also i kinda wanna drink too. ? yes or no? my parents will kill me if they ever found out tho

UNITED STATES / NOV 15, 2017 5:26 PM EST

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Iv been asking on JC for a while now, and today I finally said what I needed, thank u all so much, even the ones who answered with the most weirdest thing iv ever heard. Thank u all

UNITED STATES / NOV 15, 2017 12:22 PM EST

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Girls do you know that wearing makeup and jewelry does nothing but take you to hell? Men would fuсk with goats, if they notice u that means nothing. Stop throwing ur lives away. Too many women are in hell fire. Men fuсk you and kill then u buy everything they sell u like some fool. Makeup will take u to hell, google it if u don't believe me. Keep ur head above, stop being so easy.

UNITED STATES / NOV 15, 2017 11:12 AM EST

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I always seem to be ending up with the fat chick. I'm not particularly attracted to them and would never want to marry one, but they fucck so much better than the thin ones and they do more stuff. Is there something wrong with this.

UNITED STATES / NOV 14, 2017 10:17 AM EST

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Steven Beerсock wrote the following. Looks like my mum just might get that telegram, one day. Tests say she just needs a gall bladder op; nothing too serious. Think I'll fly back there right now and give her a good slappin' and stuff fir scaring her poor family like that. Anyone got any knuckle dusters (preferably spiked)I can borrow?

UNITED STATES / NOV 13, 2017 12:36 PM EST

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