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Steven Beerсock wrote this. I will when you stop rewording and posting my posts, mentioning me and my family by name, claiming idiotic and disgusting stuff about us, stalking my other son who is a minor and dpending your days looking at my old posts in order to rewrite them and post them, you fuсking weirdo. ITALY/May 15, 2018 03:41 PM

UNITED STATES / DEC 13, 2019 7:08 AM EST

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If you had your own language, what would your word for ∫ e^xdx be?

UNITED STATES / DEC 12, 2019 10:39 AM EST

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Be it known that I am here to destroy the Archons that try and silence my words. I am sent by the chakras, the essence of the universe. I am the Supreme Sacrifice. These 6 Initiation Modes (from the begining) and the Awakening to ALL knowledge, all truths are within my grasp. I am aware of the fact that our entire planet is on the brink of destruction and that the oppression has been increasing in number every year.

UNITED STATES / DEC 8, 2019 11:24 AM EST

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Can you or would you hire yrself out as a to make sure you behave at parties. What's the word. A.. Chaperone.!

UNITED STATES / DEC 4, 2019 10:35 PM EST

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trump gets butt hurt as word leaders mock him. He has made us the laughing stock of the world


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Donald Trump called an autistic journalist a 'retard' after he found out he worked for a newspaper he didn't like. (Or in his 'best' words: Fake News) Why is it taking FOREVER to remove Orange Hitler from the White House?


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I think it is silly to call anyone involved in consensual sexual activity a pervert. The word "pervert" is derogatory. Why should people be demeaned for enjoying themselves? Israel ( ID-11 ) ISRAEL/Jan 02, 2014 12:35 PM Sounds like a justification for pedophillia to me. Israel is no better than Steve Beerсock


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PANDA! What word does the klump horse stamp out?


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If you established your own language, what would be your word for ȉałopháymųp’ȍhə́othə̀olbo?

UNITED STATES / NOV 30, 2019 7:34 PM EST

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Jesus wasn't a liberal cuck. Read the bible. He hated nіgger cunts. Nіgger cunts are mentioned many times in the bible. The phrase "kill some nіgger cunts" in the bible is actually the lord's way of telling us the deliverers name. I know, I've studied the Lords word for many years. BFTO beta cucks.

UNITED STATES / NOV 28, 2019 1:55 PM EST

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If you invented your own language, what would be your word for tə̂otho?

UNITED STATES / NOV 28, 2019 12:13 PM EST

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FOR SALE: Small room dwelling with all mod cons. Includes: bucket toilet, soiled mattress, stained plastic cup, veg patch, odds & ends. Plus bits of saved thread and safety pins wound tight. Situated under trip trapping wooden structurs equpped with various lists of local wifi passwords. $250, 000 #Comfortable

UNITED STATES / NOV 26, 2019 8:36 PM EST

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The word on the box says Chocolate. Did I just eat them? Dye my hair? Or make hot chocolate?? 🤗

UNITED STATES / NOV 24, 2019 11:33 PM EST

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"Trump Lies" is hardly a fresh headline, but it's still important to point out every time. I wish to God I could convince MAGA's to go find info for themselves, instead of just taking Trump and Fox News' word for it.

UNITED STATES / NOV 22, 2019 4:54 PM EST

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Presidents have a right to fire ambassadors, but they don't have a right to do it for corrupt purposes. Presidents have a right to speak, but they don't have a right to use their words to intimidate witnesses. Rights are not absolute. There are laws.

UNITED STATES / NOV 15, 2019 7:27 PM EST

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The only three words Trump said that we actually believe are "I don't think." I personally don't believe that he won't be praising himself in speeches while denigrating whoever is in the White House & the Dems overall.

UNITED STATES / NOV 9, 2019 11:19 AM EST

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When the speech condemns a free press, you are hearing the words of a tyrant.


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If you invented your own language, what would be your word for cisheteropatriarchy?

UNITED STATES / NOV 8, 2019 11:51 AM EST

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Darlinxeses, I want you to know, you MUST know!! I am not the one who begins posts on JC w the word dorkies. I don’t use that word. I think it’s the guy called New Zealand from GP but I can’t be sure. Just puttin that out there, so now you know.

UNITED STATES / NOV 6, 2019 10:29 PM EST

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Donald Trump is complaining because he is being held accountable for his actions, beliefs, and words for probably the first time ever. His Fox News pals sympathize but only because their paycheck also demands faux friendship with DJT.

UNITED STATES / NOV 2, 2019 12:37 PM EST

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